Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Recap: Block Party Edition

We are halfway through May! Can you believe it?! This weekend was great and I honestly loved just about every minute of it.  Zach came!!! YAY. I babysit my neighbors for the night and we had our neighborhood block party.

Friday was spent in Carrollton for the last day of the conference I attended for 3 days last week. It was hosted by my church and absolutely incredible. Such an encouragement to me and a reminder that no matter what I may be feeling or going through that I can overcome "the fog" and although I may feel like I'm in a "hallway" it does come to an end and their is joy in today.  If you are needing some incredible encouragement I am offering my readers the chance to go and listen to the conference. This is special access so definitely take advantage of it. It becomes available tomorrow and is valid until June 16th. It's a free download for those to share that attended the conference. Pretty neat huh? Go to Click on Flourish 2016 Download.
If you decide to listen to the download please shoot me an email or comment below with your favorite speaker! I'd love to chat with you about the conference and get to know you better. :) Here are some pictures from Flourish!

They caught an action shot of me wobbling! Too fun not to share.

Friday night was a white out and I decided I'd become a flower crown princess and rock it. hehe

The conference was such a blessing!! Go watch it tomorrow. :)

We got home late Friday night and Zach was at my house waiting for me so we stayed up late talking and watching a movie. Classic quality time. #myfavorite

Saturday I had a chiropractor appointment which took a little longer than anticipated.  This was my second time going for some jaw issues I'm having and I will admit, it slightly terrifies me to go. Having my neck twisted and cracked is just scary. Anyone else with me on that?

After that appointment I went and saw Jungle Book. A great movie for sure but didn't blow me away. It was very entertaining though and I think everyone should see it that loved the movie as a kid. After that Zach and I took my brothers to run a few errands. While waiting in the car I got a little camera crazy. Whoops! ;)

Then it was the huge annual block party. It starts at 5 and goes till wee hours of the morning. I participate till about 11 but it's the concept of how long it lasts that's the point.
Bounce houses, great food, good company, games and more!! This year's theme was the Olympics in honor of the actual Olympics occurring this summer.

Sarah and I played corn-hole with Zach and Bradley (her brother). Sarah and Bradley won by a long shot, but much fun was to be had. :)

I snapped a selfie with Elle, the darling girl I was watching over the weekend.

Then the Olympic games began! My family was a team against 5 other teams of 8-9 people. To say things got competitive was an understatement. The Albers won silver. *dramatic olympic music in the background*

Sunday was church and a lot of relaxing. Sarah snapped this of Zach and I and I thought it was too cute not to share and really recapped my Sunday nicely.
Couples that work on their Macs together stay together right? ;)

Then we wrapped up the night with The Truman Show. A movie from 1990 I believe with Jim Carrey. It was really well done and thought out. You can watch it on Netflix. :)

This week is full of blog prep, hair and nail appointments (I hear the hallelujah chorus) and Sarah and Trey's Wedding next weekend!

I shared a lot of my weekend moments on social media. If you missed it click here.


  1. Hi Abi! I am new to your blog (found it through Momfessionals) and have never commented, and I debated whether or not to say this or not b/c I know you don't know me or have any reason to listen to me...but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE think twice about chiropractic neck manipulation! Here is an article that details the dangers: There is quite a lot of information out there about it if you research it, and it kills me that so many people aren't aware of the risks! Obviously it is your choice but I would feel terrible if I didn't at least pass on the info and something were to happen. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you for your boldness and willingness to speak up. I had no idea about this and appreciate the concern. I will definitely look into that article. Blessings to you!!


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