Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Recap: Engagement Edition

Friends, happy Monday!
Can I be totally honest and say that I'm absolutely exhausted? Life has just taken it out of me and I'm majorly dragging. I've studied so much and worked so hard and I only have a few days left.. thankfully. I know it will pay off in a matter of days. I feel a lot of stress and pressure from school (which nobody puts on but myself). So I could totally use prayer, well wishes and happy thoughts for the rest of my week!

I'm sorry I only got a few posts in last week. There were a couple nights last week that I could barely carry on a conversation with someone, let alone write a blog post. The good news is I'm back and hopefully writing won't be a problem this week. I am officially a junior in college in 4 days and let me tell you those words have never sounded better!

My weekend kicked off saying goodbye to my Aunt and cousins from Maryland. They were here all last week to visit my new cousin Sadie (pictured below) who just turned a month old (she's so cute I can hardly stand it).

Friday I studied most of the morning then hung out with the gal pals. It was our last Friday afternoon/night together before Sarah gets married! Only 20 days left!!

Zach drove in Friday night and we went to go see Mother's Day. I thought the movie was great! Very fun, sweet and joyful! I definitely recommend it. Plus, you can't go wrong with the lead actresses!

Saturday I slept in late, ate breakfast then took a nap, which if that doesn't tell you the state of my exhaustion I don't know what does. LOL. We went to Starbucks so I could study then went to go help my sweet friend Ashley get ready to chaperon "Prom."

The story behind "prom" in your 20's is, her boyfriend Alex planned out a whole night to have her get all dressed up and ready to chaperon Prom with him since they never had the chance to go together and when they went to the park for pictures he lined the pathway with roses and candles and know the rest of the story. ;) I had so much fun doing her hair and makeup!! She looked absolutely beautiful!

After their engagement a group of friends and family were waiting for them at their church to celebrate! Lots of good food, good company, fun straws and cookies. ;) (Abby and Alana thought it was necessary to make faces in the background... lol)

These girls have been friends since the beginning of their college career! Kelsie (in the light blue) was the first to get married, Sarah is next, then Ashley! Abby and Alana I know aren't far behind. :)

I had to of course sneak a pic with the bride-to-be! So excited for her!!!

Sunday was church, lunch, naps, studying and waving goodbye to this sweet guy!

Last week of the semester! I. CAN. DO. THIS. 

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