Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Where am I Vacationing This Summer?

As of two nights ago my family booked an incredible vacation to an all inclusive resort. This is nothing like I've ever done before! I am so excited to be able to document the trip with you all and tell you all about it. I thought since predicting my outfit for Wicked was such a hit that I would let everyone predict where I'm going for 5 days this summer.

Destination #1: Waikiki, Hawaii!

Destination #2: Cancun, Mexico!

Destination #3: Key West, Florida!

All 3 destinations look absolutely fabulous!
Let me know where you think I'm going this summer in the comments!! 
And check out my Instagram for a swim suit sneak peek!


  1. Oh these all look like such fun! I'm going to go with Hawaii - it's definitely on my travel wishlist! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

    1. I am so with you! Hawaii looking fabulous, Leah! :)


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