Monday, June 27, 2016

See you in a week!

Hi friends! I am Mexico bound! This vacation is much needed and I'm so excited! I'll be posting pictures all throughout the week on Instagram but I'm taking a break from the blog for a week! Have a fabulous last week of June and I'll see you all on July 4th!


Thursday, June 23, 2016

How Did You Bloom This Week: An Honest Post

Friends, I write after a long Wednesday, exhausted, grumpy, easily irritated and annoyed by what feels like everything under the sun (which I hate). I had a slow long day at work. I was on my feet for 8 hours, had more rude people than usual and only got 1 sale. I was dreading having to come home and write but I decided that I needed to be able to share on the blog that it was a long day and it's okay to say that. How fitting that my BLOOM post fell on the day that was hard. ;)

So how did I bloom this week you might ask? I'm not letting little things get to me. It's just not worth it! I got off work with hopes of making a makeup purchase with some bonus money I received from work and what I wanted wasn't in stock (stupid I know). Reason to be irritated #1. I then remembered I need more folders and big envelopes for mailing my sorority packets in for rush that are due very soon. So at 8:45 I made a run to Target. Reason to be irritated #2. I came home from work and had to print resumes and transcripts for my rush packets. Reason to be irritated #3. "I have to write my post for tomorrow!!!" Reason to be irritated #4. But after writing all those reasons why I could be irritated, tonight I'm choosing to let those things go, even though before I wrote this post I was still tired and annoyed, I will admit. Letting little things get to you isn't worth your energy. Put your efforts towards being positive, smiling, and making the most of your day. No matter what you may face today, remember, you have the opportunity to CHOOSE a fresh start.

 I'm choosing joy today, will you choose it with me?

Happy Thursday, friends!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Blushington Beauty June Bag Opening!

I am over the moon excited that I received an invitation from Blushington to be one of their exclusive partners in showing off what the company has to offer! From now until December I'll be receiving a box from them each month showcasing some of their services, wonderful makeup and much more! You get the opportunity each month to watch me open the box and be a part of the experience! Hopefully my excitement persuades you to use them for your beauty needs in the future! That being said, here is my unwrapping of the Blushington Beauty June Box! 

Stay tuned for my video on Instagram on how to use a beauty blender!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Beauty Steal: MAC vs NYX

So I got MAC lip liner last summer at Nordstrom and fell in love with it! Their lip liners run for around $16.50 plus tax. Not a terrible price UNLESS you find an NYX brand that's only $3.50!!! SAY WHAT?! You read correctly. ;)

So I'm showing you the comparison and giving you the links to each. They are practically the same, so go for NYX! The MAC liner is slightly darker but for the $13 price difference I think going for NYX is the best choice!

For the MAC liner, click here.

For the NYX liner, click here.

I hope my beauty find is helpful for each of you!  Happy Tuesday and Stay Fabulous!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Laughter, Joy, and Fun!

My weekend was full of lots of laughs, joy, sun, water, bathing suits, camp fires, shopping and lots more! I am absolutely exhausted and will admit I'm excited to sleep in my own bed. ;) I'm sorry I don't have much of a post for today! I had the best intentions but after driving most of the day I am too pooped. I hope everyone hugged their dads, uncles, grandpas and fatherly figures tight yesterday.

I will be sharing some fun stuff this week on the blog so stay tuned! I hope everyone's weekend was sweet and fun! Blessings to all on this fine Monday!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

How Did You Bloom This Week Link Up: Sales Woman Edition

Hi friends! Happy Thursday and thanks for linking up! Today I'm sharing how I bloomed this week with my new job! For those that saw my post two weeks ago, I shared how I got a job after lots and lots of searching! To view that post, click here.

This week I want to talk about stepping out of my comfort zone and how I've blossomed from it. For those that know me very well I am a sensitive person. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. With my job I have to be quick on my feet, not hurt by words, and good about keeping a positive attitude. All these things I'm fairly good at, but could always be better, naturally.

My job is with a marketing company called J & B Prime Solutions. I'm a face-to-face sales woman inside Sam's Club and Walmart trying to save customers money with DirectTV. The job description sounded hard at first. I did not know if I would be cut out to convince people why they should switch to DirectTV BUT it's turned out to be so good for me. I've come to the conclusion that no matter what people say to me, their words don't define me, how people respond to me doesn't change who I am and their words aren't directed at me, but the company. With my 2 weeks of work those are the things I've noticed and I'm so glad. Being a minor in business I think it's important to be well rounded in business matters and I've learned so much from this experience. Not to mention, I've made 15 sales in 7 work days which I'm happy with for just starting out. I've learned a lot about myself and that I can't underestimate my abilities. I need to give everything a shot no matter how nervous I am and 9 times out of 10 I'll be successful as long as I keep a good attitude and stay positive.

No matter what your work circumstance is try to look at all the things you are learning from the experience. Being in the work place and going through ups and downs makes you so much more well rounded for other jobs and the situations you'll face in the future. I promise your job isn't for nothing, even if it feels like that. Keep pressing on, it will be worth it. :) We're in this together, friend!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Lip Color Steals!

Summer time is the best time to experiment with lip colors! Today I'm comparing a subtle lip color chapstick and a very inexpensive color from Walmart! You can get both of these for under $8! Drug store brands for the win!!

This first color is a chapstick, which I love because it adds a little bit of pink to my face if I need a little pick me up! This color is called Panna Cotta and is the perfect everyday color and it's only $3.99 at Ulta! #score

This next color is a beautiful bright pink that goes on very smoothly and lasts for hours! The brand is Glam & Beauty Ultra Shine. The colors come in packs of 3 for $5! Below is a picture of what it looks like. You should have no problem finding it at your local Walmart!

Hopefully these two colors become your favorites for the summer! They are easy to find and inexpensive. #doublewin #sorryforallthehashtags

Stay fabulous!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bachelor Edition: Team Jordan and JoJo

I know the Bachelor didn't air last night thanks to the NBA finals but I wanted to share who I think is in the running for JoJo's heart and why. Taking it back to the first time they met... I mean what's not to love? Jordan is a cutie and his flow is pretty much fabulous!

His hair is great, he's charming, handsome, and really seems to care about JoJo and her heart. With that being said, my favorite things about Jordan are:
1) The way he looks at JoJo is too sweet to handle. He is just starstruck by her in a sweet innocent way and I love it.
2) He is not a jerk to the other guys to try and impress JoJo. He's there for JoJo and JoJo only. He wants to be friends with the guys but doesn't pull a Chad when it comes to building relationships in the house.
3) He is sensitive and I love that quality in a guy.
4) He makes JoJo laugh and puts her at such ease when they are together. Everything about their time together flows very naturally and that makes him a real winner in my book!
5) He has yet to get drunk or make a complete fool of himself during the cocktail hours which makes pretty clear he likes JoJo. Their time together is more important than having a good time.

As the show continues I know I'll find tons more reasons as to why he is so great! The bottom line is though I think Jordan will be one of the top two.  So far I hope he ends up winning. They are just the greatest together. Runner up is Alex. He's a Marine and pretty cute too!

What are your thoughts on the guys? Who's your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments and a photo on social media using #myfavis *insert name of Bachelor*

Monday, June 13, 2016

My Airman

Happy Monday, friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine with my family and Zach per the usual. :) I'm excited for this week because I'm spending it with Zach's family! I'll be in Abilene for a little then New Braunfels. But back to the title of my post.

Sarah offered to take pictures of Zach and I in his uniform because the last ones we had taken were back in October. I love taking pictures every six months or so because we both change so much and they are always so fun and sweet to look back on. That being said, today is more of a picture post than words.

This one is one of my favorites. I love the joy in our eyes but the peace evident on our faces!

You bring me pure joy, Zach! Love you so much!

Picture credit to my best friend, Sarah Winsted!! 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Fashion Week on the Bloom: Off the Shoulder Top

Happy Last Day of Fashion Week! Thanks for tuning in! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

I'm loving this outfit! This Old Navy off the shoulder shirt has me crazy for summer! It's perfect for parties or you can dress it down with jeans. This top is extremely affordable and in my opinion makes an entire outfit! If you want your own, click here. My skirt is Cabi but you can find similar skirts like this everywhere. For a few of my suggestions, see thisthis, and this.  My shoes are actually from Plato's closet. lol I'm telling you, don't underestimate second hand stores. ;) For a similar pair, see here.

Thumbs up for fashion! ;)

My necklace is the Salt Bar from Bracha. For a discount, use code BLOOM10. Remember, 20% of your purchase goes to stopping human trafficking. It's a great cause!

I hope you love this look as much as I do! Share your thoughts in the comments. :) 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bloom Link Up: The Sugar Free Life

Oh friends.. you read the title correctly. I've been sugar free since May 24th and let me tell you, it's as unfortunate as it sounds. I saw my doctor and I am having a lot of gut issues and so she said based on the results of my scan she believes no sugar for 4 weeks will give me great results and I will feel overall a million times better.

I'm here to write that I feel A LOT better but I'm going to tell you self control with NO sugar is so hard. So today I'm sharing some sugar free recipes and helpful hints with hopes of encouraging anyone with the same dilemma as myself. Self control can be something hard to master, especially with food!

Are you struggling with saying "no" to food? Don't be discouraged friend, you aren't alone. Your struggle is normal, real and happening to people all around. I write today to encourage you that no matter how much stress you are under, sadness you are feeling, loneliness or whatever emotion your heart may feel. Food. Will. Not. Cure. It. The calling on your life is greater than what food can offer you. Be encouraged and join me in the no sugar challenge for the next 3 weeks! It's the start of something new! (movie quote again ;) hehe) I'm sharing how to substitute stevia for normal sugar and a few yummy sweet foods without sugar!

If you are shooting for a no sugar goal for 3 weeks like me because you want to take the challenge then I advise moving all things with sugar to your closet or somewhere where you can't see it. Here are a couple "sweet" things that are natural sugar. Raw honey, stevia, and Splenda (but I don't recommend it, it's gross in my opinion). That's a small list. You can research more if you need more options! But adding vanilla and such will help naturally sweeten.

Here's a helpful cheat sheet:

Thank you Pinterest!
This looks amazing!

Thank you Pinterest!

Thank you Pinterest, again!

My blooming quality this week is self control. Everyone has it! I promise you, it may be a little deeper down in some people but everyone does. Dig down deep in that heart of yours and use it. :) You'll feel empowered and confident in who you are!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fashion Week on the Bloom: Lotus & Luna Style Giveaway

EEK! Day 3 of Fashion Week on the Bloom! I'm hosting a giveaway with a fabulous boho chic company called Lotus & Luna. They have wonderful Kimonos and lovely Wrap Bracelets. So wonderful that they are giving away two! A Single Wrap Bracelet and a Triple Wrap Bracelet. The bracelets scream summer and the Kimono is great as a swim cover up or with a top and cute linen pants! Here is the exact kimono I am wearing. What's not to love?!

Look #2 with a simple shirt and linen pants.

Make sure you hit the arrow for the second giveaway option so you can be entered for both!
The giveaway closes on Friday at 11:59.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fashion Week on the Bloom: Mint Pants and Boho Chic Shirt

Day 2 of fashion week on the Bloom! Today I'm showcasing gorgeous mint pants, an adorable boho chic shirt with a fabulous Kate Spade bag! This look is thirty, flirty and thriving. ;) (can you quote that movie?) Bonus points! 

 To shop my look follow these links below: 
Crochet Top (option 1) Crochet Fringe Top (option 2)

It's a perfect summer date night look! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Fashion Week on the Bloom: Romper and Sun Hat

Welcome to my very first fashion week on Bloomability. This week I'll be showcasing an outfit everyday this week except Thursday, which is Link Up Day. To see a summary of that, click here.

Today I'm rocking a romper with an adorable sun hat (from Plato's closet might I add). This whole outfit (minus the shoes) was about $30! My shoes are Jack Rogers. If you aren't wanting to get the name brand ones, check out these (almost exactly the same). My pearl necklace is actually my mom's but here is a beautiful fake pair from Kohls. My romper is of course TJmaxx but I found one similar for a great price, see it here. Lastly, a similar version of the hat can be found here.

There's not much you can't love about this outfit! It's simple, easy, and can be worn for a lot of different occasions and outings (like all the other outfits I like to showcase). #winning

I hope this inspires your Monday outfit!

Is this something you think you could rock? I have no doubt you could girl friend. ;) 

 Share your thoughts on the outfit in the comments and stay tuned for the rest of the outfits coming to the blog this week!

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