Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bloom Link Up: The Sugar Free Life

Oh friends.. you read the title correctly. I've been sugar free since May 24th and let me tell you, it's as unfortunate as it sounds. I saw my doctor and I am having a lot of gut issues and so she said based on the results of my scan she believes no sugar for 4 weeks will give me great results and I will feel overall a million times better.

I'm here to write that I feel A LOT better but I'm going to tell you self control with NO sugar is so hard. So today I'm sharing some sugar free recipes and helpful hints with hopes of encouraging anyone with the same dilemma as myself. Self control can be something hard to master, especially with food!

Are you struggling with saying "no" to food? Don't be discouraged friend, you aren't alone. Your struggle is normal, real and happening to people all around. I write today to encourage you that no matter how much stress you are under, sadness you are feeling, loneliness or whatever emotion your heart may feel. Food. Will. Not. Cure. It. The calling on your life is greater than what food can offer you. Be encouraged and join me in the no sugar challenge for the next 3 weeks! It's the start of something new! (movie quote again ;) hehe) I'm sharing how to substitute stevia for normal sugar and a few yummy sweet foods without sugar!

If you are shooting for a no sugar goal for 3 weeks like me because you want to take the challenge then I advise moving all things with sugar to your closet or somewhere where you can't see it. Here are a couple "sweet" things that are natural sugar. Raw honey, stevia, and Splenda (but I don't recommend it, it's gross in my opinion). That's a small list. You can research more if you need more options! But adding vanilla and such will help naturally sweeten.

Here's a helpful cheat sheet:

Thank you Pinterest!
This looks amazing!

Thank you Pinterest!

Thank you Pinterest, again!

My blooming quality this week is self control. Everyone has it! I promise you, it may be a little deeper down in some people but everyone does. Dig down deep in that heart of yours and use it. :) You'll feel empowered and confident in who you are!



  1. Love your blog! So good I shared in our Fit for Glory group! ��

    1. Thank you Anita! Please share away. :) I want the word to get out! XOXO

  2. Love your blog! So good I shared in our Fit for Glory group! ��


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