Thursday, June 23, 2016

How Did You Bloom This Week: An Honest Post

Friends, I write after a long Wednesday, exhausted, grumpy, easily irritated and annoyed by what feels like everything under the sun (which I hate). I had a slow long day at work. I was on my feet for 8 hours, had more rude people than usual and only got 1 sale. I was dreading having to come home and write but I decided that I needed to be able to share on the blog that it was a long day and it's okay to say that. How fitting that my BLOOM post fell on the day that was hard. ;)

So how did I bloom this week you might ask? I'm not letting little things get to me. It's just not worth it! I got off work with hopes of making a makeup purchase with some bonus money I received from work and what I wanted wasn't in stock (stupid I know). Reason to be irritated #1. I then remembered I need more folders and big envelopes for mailing my sorority packets in for rush that are due very soon. So at 8:45 I made a run to Target. Reason to be irritated #2. I came home from work and had to print resumes and transcripts for my rush packets. Reason to be irritated #3. "I have to write my post for tomorrow!!!" Reason to be irritated #4. But after writing all those reasons why I could be irritated, tonight I'm choosing to let those things go, even though before I wrote this post I was still tired and annoyed, I will admit. Letting little things get to you isn't worth your energy. Put your efforts towards being positive, smiling, and making the most of your day. No matter what you may face today, remember, you have the opportunity to CHOOSE a fresh start.

 I'm choosing joy today, will you choose it with me?

Happy Thursday, friends!



  1. Oh no! I hate those days and then all the little things just become super annoying. I hope today is so much better for you!

    1. Today was much better! But tomorrow's Friday so it's bound to be the greatest :)


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