Friday, July 15, 2016

Dutch Braid Tutorial

I'm kicking off Friday with one of my favorite "get my hair out of my face" kinda styles. This dutch braid has taken me so far in the hair world and although it took time to practice I'm so glad I learned how!

The difference between a regular braid and dutch braid is how they are weaved. A regular braid is done over with each strand and a dutch braid is under with each strand. That's what creates such a nice thick look and makes the braid so beautiful and big! This braid is perfect for all year round!

(video correction: I said a dutch braid is going over with each strand but I really meant under each strand.)

Let me know your thoughts on this tutorial and if it was helpful or not! Also! Please subscribe to my Youtube channel and leave a comment on there if you're feeling extra sweet! ;)

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