Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites: Birkenstock Edition

Happy Friday peeps! I never thought this day would come but I've found a new love in the shoe department: Birkenstocks! The quote above perfectly describes the story I'm about to share. 

Sarah actually started the interest in these and I followed suit. I've been considering getting a pair for awhile but wasn't sure if they were "me" if you know what I mean. Well turns out, after looking at them on my feet for a good 30 minutes and going to multiple different stores that the buy was worth it. The story of our very first Birkenstock purchase is rather funny.

I had this feeling in my gut as Sarah and I headed to the mall that these shoes I was so gung-ho about purchasing wouldn't look right on my feet. I was pretty sure before I got to the store that this style would be the pair that I purchase. Little did I know when I tried them on I immediately backed down from the game plan of purchasing and let Sarah have her moment because I thought they looked so weird on my feet (this is a rather dramatic story for a pair of shoes isn't it?). I think it was the "always put together" in me that couldn't decide if I liked the chill factor that the shoes brought to the outfit. Sarah was trying this style  on and to be honest I wasn't even sure if I liked them on her. Not to mention I wanted a white pair and Nordstrom didn't have that. I decided to let Sarah figure out her size and think on this big purchase and we would walk to some other department stores to see if they had anything else to offer. We walked in to Macy's and I opted to try the pair Sarah had on. Ironically we are the same size so we kept taking the shoes from one another, looking at them and asking if they looked good on the other person. Anyone walking buy would have died. We were giggling and being so indecisive it was ridiculous. But can you blame us?!! They are $100 shoes for crying out loud!

After a long 30 minutes we both walked out with the same pair of shoes and now all we do is wear them. If you missed my adorable post last night featuring the Birks, check it out here.

Here are a bunch of adorable ways to rock your Birks! Never say never because I did and look what happened. ;)



Get a pair just like mine HERE!

Happy Friday and HAPPY WEEKEND!

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  1. I'm not a big fan of these birkenstocks :), maybe one day ;), never say never haha ;).


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