Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mexico Trip Recap: Day 2

I hope everyone's fourth was sweet and safe! I spent the day surrounded by my favorites and had way too much fun. I also made a beautiful cake that was gluten free and had the substitute sugar in it that I could partake in. #winning! To see all my shenanigans from the day, check out my Instagram feed.

I wanted to share pictures from Day 2 of my trip to Mexico! Last Wednesday (which was day 2 of the trip) was mostly spent by the beach reading, napping and enjoying the sound of the waves.

The highlight of the day definitely had to be paddle boarding. The water was a spectacular blue and to be honest I had never paddle boarded before making it an extremely cool experience! Here's a quick clip!

Besides paddle boarding I got spectacular pictures of the view. One during the day and the other at night! I am in awe of the beauty when I look at them!

I also got the classic book picture with the beach in the background, sorry, I couldn't resist. ;)

Wednesday night we took family pictures on the beach and enjoyed Japanese steak house for dinner. (Funny Story): Unfortunately, we didn't know that to attend a "formal" restaurant at the resort, all men over 18 had to have pants and closed toes shoes. My family must have missed that small detail in fine print because all my dad brought was shorts. (I can't blame him, humid Mexico at the end of June, who would bring pants?!?!). We arrived at the Steak House and my dad was given pants but they were pants for a man with height of 5'10 not 6'2. Thankfully we sat down to eat because my dad was rocking high waters like no one's business! LOL 

Here's a few pictures from our photo session on the beach! It was so windy but I'm grateful we decided to take them!  

Stay tuned tomorrow for our third day excursion and the adventures snorkeling, swimming in cenotes, and swimming in an underwater cavern!

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