Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My (Practically) Free Guide to Austin

Friends, forgive me for not writing a post yesterday. I spent Monday night watching The Bachelorette and was just too tired to write, hence me postponing. ;)

I wanted to share my (practically) free guide to Austin. The reason I say that is because every destination I'll take you to in this post costs nothing except for one, and the places you eat of course will cost money. So take that into consideration and hopefully this guide helps you to enjoy a day in Austin and soak in the "weird Austin" atmosphere. :)

First stop: Jo's Coffee this is where the classic "I love you so much" wall is and amazing coffee! Get the Belgian Bomber if you like less sweet coffee drinks and the Iced Turbo if like sweeter coffee drinks!

Next stop: Baylor Street Wall Art-- this is another classic Austin exhibit that you can't miss! It's incredible and if you climb to the top of the wall there is a spectacular view of the city!

Our next stop was another classic Austin exhibit: The Welcome to Austin Postcard! This one is classic BUT so fun and definitely a scrapbook/Facebook album picture worthy.

Lastly, after a long hot day in the sun, drive 15 minutes to McKinney Falls National Park. This water hole costs $6 for ages 13 and up and is so refreshing and worth the drive! It wasn't super crowded and there are multiple options for where you want to swim. We swam at the Upper Falls and that was the best one in our opinion. If you really wanted to, I believe you can camp there. 

Hopefully the next time you are in Austin this is a helpful guide for touring the beauty of the city! Happy traveling!

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