Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rodan & Fields Sunscreen Review

I am super excited to be reviewing the Rodan & Fields Essentials Sunscreen. I've been a fan of R & F since my journey with them began back in February to cure my acne. I am thrilled to say I am zit free! To see that journey you can click here or search Rodan & Fields in the search bar.

I have been using the R & F chapstick for weeks now and I am loving it. It has 25 SPF in it and is the perfect base before applying color and helps prevent sunburn. I will say it has a different taste to it with having sunscreen in it but it's the best chapstick sunscreen I've ever used.

The sunscreen smells very nice. I use it on my body and it lasts for 40-45 minutes before you have to reapply. It's 30 SPF but feels great on my skin. I am very particular about sunscreen and how it smells and feels on my body. This sunscreen smells great, soaked in quickly and is not greasy after application.

The moisturizer is great! Finding lotion that doesn't dry out my skin because of alcohol and added scents is hard. R & F's lotion smells great and is a thick moisturizing cream. It reminds me almost of a body butter but it comes in a squirt bottle. The thing I love most about it is how well it soaks into my skin and truly leaves my skin feeling hydrated.

Overall I was very happy with these products and would recommend them! The R & F Consultant that sponsored this post has offered to reimburse the $20 preferred customer startup cost. The benefits of this are 10% off every order and free shipping! It's definitely worth doing considering she is offering to wave the fee. Also, if you have any skin issues and aren't sure where to start there is a great consultation tool on the website where it asks you a bunch of questions about your skin and recommends the best products for you. I found it extremely helpful, especially if you aren't sure what the problem with your skin is. For your free online consultation, click here. If you have any questions about Rodan & Fields products please email Kim here.

I was traveling when I took these photos and wasn't able to bring the big bottle so that's why it's shown in my travel container. All products are full size.

Thank you to Kim Burton for sponsoring this post!

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