Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Perfect Gift!

So my bestest friend Sarah told me as my birthday was approaching that she got me the coolest gift for my blog, great for the condo and just beautiful. All very different categories and I was 100% stumped on what is was. She said she saw it in her friend's house over New Years and knew I had to have it! Well...she was right, this gift was amazing. It's a beautiful coffee table book, perfect for a rainy day, inspiration, and more! Seriously..love my Kate Spade book! 

The book is full of such beautiful pictures and inspiring words! With that being said, I'll share some of my favorite phrases from the book! 

"When in doubt wear red."

"The polka dot is friendly, classic, and strong."

"A sense of humor is key in all we do-- truly, this is a girl's best friend." 

"A pop of color has the power to punctuate an otherwise ordinary setting and can make for a far grander gesture than an overstated splash."

The book adds beauty and poise to any living room! It makes the perfect birthday gift especially for any Kate Spade lover, or anyone for that matter. ;) 

PC: Sarah Winsted 

Monday, August 29, 2016

How I Stay Organized!

Well it's officially the first day of my junior year and I can't believe it! Time is flying! This past week was absolutely insane with Recruitment and becoming a Tri Delta! I'm so grateful I was able to experience the week but glad I can get back to normal. I'm exhausted. I will be sharing Recruitment pointers, pictures and more so don't worry! If you missed my giveaway on Instagram go check that out! You can enter till 12:00 pm EDT today.

With it being the first day of school I thought I would share how I stay organized all year round! Erin Condren's Life Planner is my lifeline! I absolutely love it. The first time I heard about it was a year ago and after hearing reviews from friends I knew I had to have it! For my first planner I got the vertical view. For me personally this hasn't been my favorite just because I make checklists and it's hard to write small enough to fit but I know some people love that. I will probably get a horizontal view for my next planner but it's really all personal preference. The planner is full of encouraging words, fun stickers, and an adorable cover that you can't help but smile at when you see!

Seriously, if you are feeling motivated to get organized, get your very own! Get $10 off your first purchase with my referral link! They also have teacher planners! They are fabulous! I promise you won't regret it!! Happy First Day of school to my college friends! Congrats on finishing the first week to everyone else! Cheers to a great year!

PC: Sarah Winsted

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Link up: Learn Something Month

I'm so excited about this month's link up! I'm sharing something I learned. With moving into my condo there was lots of budgets and furniture buying to be had for making the place the homiest as possible! My mom and I are both very frugal when it comes to shopping especially because furniture can be so expensive. My mom found this table through a yard sale and I want to say paid $100 for a nice table and four chairs! SUCH A STEAL. But I need to mention, the chairs were an extremely ugly color with horrible fabric so my mom and I took full liberty to repurpose them and make them beautiful! I will say the results were beyond successful. Below are the before pictures:

Awful color right?!

And the after!! It's amazing what paint and time can do! 

Isn't it beautiful?! I'm so proud of it! The process takes time but is so worth saving money! If you are curious about what I used and how exactly I did it, send me an email for the paint colors, process and more! I'd be happy to answer all your questions. :) 


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Coffee Conversations: Beauty Talk!

Today, my gal pal Alana and I are grabbing a cup of coffee with you and sharing our current favorite makeup products. So if you don't have coffee, grab a cup, sit down relax and enjoy this quick, easy and informative read. ;)

Alana and I are makeup junkies! We exchange makeup tips, products and more on the daily. I love that we have that in common! It's so fun to chat about it! With that being said I'll start with my makeup favorites and she'll share hers after!

Current makeup favorite #1: 
I am currently OBSESSED with the Laura Geller Delectables Nude Eyeshadow Palette. Can you say "oh my goodness absolutely beautiful!!!" I had an Ulta gift card from my birthday and I was in the store unsure of what I wanted. When my eyes saw this, I got all bugged eyed and knew I had to take it home. The colors are so warm and pigmented. It wears wonderfully, it stays all day.. morning till night, even in the College Station humidity. I've been using it during Recruitment and I fall more in love everyday! It's 100% worth $45!!! There are multiple different color palettes that would work for different skin tones and preferences so check them all out! 

Makeup favorite #2: 
Becca Moonstone Pressed Highlighter: this is a favorite I've talked about many times before. It continues to remain a favorite, obviously. ;) Yes it's a little pricey but I've had it since December and have barely scratched the surface. It makes a beautiful highlighter and gives such a beautiful glow! It adds a nice touch for everyday or a night out! I use Moonstone because I'm fairer but based on your complexion you'll pick the best color for yourself.

Makeup favorite #3: 
This Ulta lip gloss combo! When I was there the other day I was trying to find a good lip combo and I discovered this one while experimenting and I LOVE it. It's #16 in brilliant color (this color isn't online but it's $3-$4 in store) with Bare on top! #FAB

Okay those are all my favs! I'll let Alana contribute her side of this beauty convo!

Favorite #1:
Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation is the bomb.com y'all! I did my own make up for a wedding in May and the lady at Nordstrom suggested this to me because it would wear all day due to it being waterproof! I have been obsessed with it ever since! It is perfect for the summer because when you sweat it stays put! 

Favorite #2:
When Abi said one of her favorites was the Becca highlighter I couldn't agree more because it's so beautiful. Earlier this summer though I found a great highlighter from Sephora and I have been loving it! It's the Sephora Baked Illuminator in the color light beam and is only $14! It is such a steal and it wears so great as well!

Favorite #3: 
Anastasia Beverly Hills contour powder palette in light to medium. This is just a must have palette. My besties got it for me for my birthday and it is so great! There is a great highlight color and an equally as great banana colored powder that is perfect to set under eye concealer! It's easy to use and the powders are so pigmented! It's worth the $40 for sure! 

I hope you enjoyed this Coffee Convo as much as I did! Now grab that wallet and head to Ulta. ;)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Creating A Space That Inspires You..

First of all, hi friends!! It's been way too long. Thanks for bearing with me last week and being patient. It was a crazy week packing and moving.. I didn't realize how sore it made me and how exhausting it was till it actually happened. I'm so over moving, I've moved 4 times with only two years of college under my belt. Yes, you read that right, I've moved ever semester of college. BUT I'm grateful to say, I'm in this place for the next two years. #PraiseGod

With that being said, for those that don't know, I am going through the Recruitment process! It started yesterday! I am very excited about the week and all it has to offer. I'm going in with a very open mind. I'll be sharing outfit sneak peeks on Instagram and I'll of course share what I end up deciding to do at the end of the week! So I'll save all the Recruitment advice, outfit tips and shenanigans once it's over, so stay tuned for that. :)

I start school on the 29th (holy cow! summer is over. *super sad face*). Because my life becomes a little more hectic once the semester begins, I've decided to create a blog schedule. I'll be posting every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and the occasional Friday. But for sure three days (unless life happens, ya know? ;)) I wanted to update you all since you are such faithful readers and deserve to know what's going on! Now that all the house keeping is over, lets get to what I actually wanted to talk about!

I'm loving my new place! Seriously. I'm so excited to share it with you all! It's been so fun creating a place that is sacred, sweet and peaceful. I wanted my bedroom and office space to be something that inspires me. Especially my office.

I pulled pieces together that I loved and added based on how the space looked. The crazy thing was, all these pieces were used for different things and as I started designing, things I already had worked perfectly together. #moneysavingtip

 Here are my pieces of advice for creating YOUR perfect space:

  • Choose your color scheme and stick to it. You can add pops of color but try to stay true to the colors you originally chose so the wall doesn't look thrown together. Now, I do love the exotic walls but unless you're going for that, stick to these tips. 
  • Use words and pictures that inspire you! Your space should make you think deeper and encourage you to develop more in whatever you're doing! 
  • Hobby Lobby & TjMaxx are your new best friend! The pieces are affordable and adorable.
  • Mix and match the frames to create depth. Some plain, some patterned, some distressed.
  • Treat it like a gallery wall but go beyond what you'd put on your wall. Remember: INSPIRE. ;)
  • Have fun with it and get creative! It takes reworking. If you have a design block, set it down and come back in a few days. 

I hope these tips are helpful and inspire you! My nail polish, lipstick, and bobby pin art are from this Etsy shop. My Bloomability sign is from here (I'm partnering with this shop owner week after next for a giveaway, so stay tuned!). The A is from TjMaxx! 

Happy Creating! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Move in Day!

I am headed to College Station to move into my condo! I am so so excited and can't wait to kick off another year at school! I will most likely be MIA tomorrow while I unpack but will be back Friday and next week for lots of pictures of the new place, rush outfits and more! So stay tuned! Follow me on Snapchat: aa_bloomability for behind the scenes looks and on Insta story too! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#AskAbi Q & A

So I posted a video about two weeks ago, telling my readers and followers that the floor was open for questions! I am all about asking bloggers that I follow questions and so I wanted everyone to feel free to do so with me! That being said, since I am still recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction and there weren't a million questions I decided to type out the answers!

With that being said... lets get to answering!

Kasia asked me:
How did you get assimilated to TX so quickly, I remember reading you are from MD, and I feel like, those two states are so different from one another.

Well you are very right about that! Texas and Maryland are so so different. Getting settled in Texas was very hard. I always loved visiting family here but moving right after high school to a place I would call home as well as starting a huge chapter in my life was a lot to handle. My circumstances were a bit different in that way but the reality is, moving to a new place when you have roots where you are can be hard, scary, and vulnerable. You have to be open to adventure and willing to meet people and just roll with all that comes with that. My one piece of advice for people that have lived or are living in a place with roots, if/when the time comes to move, allow yourself to grieve the loss of friendship and that place. That sounds silly but that's what took me so long to adjust here because rather than allowing myself to be sad and struggle with the new area I told myself to pull my big girl pants up and move on. Now I'm not saying get stuck in a black hole and have a pity party, BUT allow yourself to be sad and cry and grieve the loss of leaving people you love. It's okay to let yourself do that. If I could do the move over again that's what I would do differently. Now, if I'm going to compare Texas to Maryland, I absolutely love Texas and the place it is. Yes, it's hot but I love the southern vibe here! The people truly do make Texas great and I do consider it HOME. (I apologize for that long answer but if I can encourage anyone going through a move then my post is complete!) 

Rechelle asked me:
Do you set a budget for your fashion and beauty purchases each month or year?

I have a mental budget that I follow in the summer, truthfully. I am very money conscious but in the summer when I'm literally working and enjoying life I have more freedom to spend my money on clothes and makeup. I have the flexibility right now to spend my money on makeup and clothes because I'm not 100% paying for everything and I am so blessed because of that. When I'm at school and my budget is tighter, yes,  I write everything I buy down and keep receipts and log it in a book I have (maybe I'll blog about that). But it's so important to be smart about that stuff especially since it's so easy to get carried away. :) 

What are your relationships like with your girlfriends?

The relationship with my girlfriends are wonderful! I absolutely love my girlfriends here in TX. I also have amazing relationships outside the state that I keep in very close touch with. The girls from outside the state and inside are relationships I have till I die. I love how down to earth my friends are and how they love me for me. I can be real. We can laugh, cry, and just be honest about life. I treasure that. I consider myself a quarters girl as my friend Abby would say, I don't have tons of pennies but I have a close group of quarters and they are the solid rocks in my life. Find your quarters and never let them go. :) 

My sweet friend, Jocey at her wedding last May! 

My soul sister, Sarah! 

My friend Katie since birth! We were born 10 days apart and I haven't seen her since I moved, hence no picture of us together. :(
Other lifelong friends from Maryland. We've been together since birth! Love Sarah and Emily! 
And of course the Gal Pals! 
Anonymous asked me:
How did your boyfriend get based so close to you? Did he choose that?

Originally, my boyfriend Zach was stationed in Minot, North Dakota. #killme #freezing
I was completely devastated. He put on the "wish list" that the Air Force gave him all the states near me. Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Louisiana... and by the Grace of God the Air Force conveniently transferred him to a base near me but not because they asked for it but because that's where they needed him. Zach always says that the Air Force likes to think you have a voice with where you go, but truthfully, you don't. He could be transferred anytime, anywhere. 

And that wraps up my very first Q & A! I absolutely love answering questions so use the hashtag #AskAbi, comment on any of my social media channels or below and I'll be sure to answer them on my next Q & A post!

Monday, August 15, 2016

20th Birthday Shoot!

I have been seeing these amazing helium balloons in numbers and letters all over social media for quite some time now! I decided that when my birthday came around I would want balloons in 2 and 0 to ring in the twenties! I've wanted to be twenty since before I could remember. It sounded old and sophisticated (funny I know) but regardless I made it and I'm excited to see what this decade will hold for me.

I have hopes, dreams, goals and such for this coming year and I'm sharing them with y'all today! 

1) Don't let comparison in any area of my life cloud the vision that the Lord has for me.
I've felt very convicted about this area. Comparison is the thief of joy and it robs us of the blessings in our life. I have a tendency to compare myself, my relationships, my blog, and more. It clouds the blessing and joy from life and so this year I'm choosing to not compare but remember that I have my own story.

2) Choose joy no matter what is going on in my life, this is a constant goal, but always a good reminder.

3) I won't let the pressure of this school year consume my life and take away from the fun and playfulness college has to offer. 

4) Continue to work towards my goal of becoming a massive blogger but remember how much I love it and don't become focused on the number of followers. Instead, remind myself daily I blog because I love it and want to build relationships.

5) Be more spontaneous!

6) Lastly, learn to cook and start loving it and blogging about it! (I'm hopeful about this one)
Maybe I'll start working my way through a cookbook and document it. ;) (potential Julia Child moment lol)

Do you have any hopes, dreams and goals for this year/stage of your life?? 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Birthday Celebration & Gal Pals Interview

My weekend was great! As you are reading this I am either having my wisdom teeth removed or coming off of intense medicine. So laugh at the idea of how silly I may be acting. ;)

Friday night I spent my evening celebrating my birthday with some of my closet friends! It was a pedi and salads night! Super fun, relaxed and I loved every minute of it! We went to Glee Nail Bar and Snappy Salads! Both were wonderful experiences!

If you missed my social media post over the weekend, I was OBSESSED with this nail polish wall!


Classic circle pic to show off our toes! ;)

On the way home I convinced my friends to do an interview video with me! It took convincing I have to add, but they caved! We came up with fun questions to ask that would show their personality. I think it's always fun to see girlfriends interact and the memory of making the video was so fun! So without further ado, my Gal Pals interview!

We will definitely do these in the future if y'all liked them! Post any questions in the comments I should ask in my next interview. :)

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