Monday, August 15, 2016

20th Birthday Shoot!

I have been seeing these amazing helium balloons in numbers and letters all over social media for quite some time now! I decided that when my birthday came around I would want balloons in 2 and 0 to ring in the twenties! I've wanted to be twenty since before I could remember. It sounded old and sophisticated (funny I know) but regardless I made it and I'm excited to see what this decade will hold for me.

I have hopes, dreams, goals and such for this coming year and I'm sharing them with y'all today! 

1) Don't let comparison in any area of my life cloud the vision that the Lord has for me.
I've felt very convicted about this area. Comparison is the thief of joy and it robs us of the blessings in our life. I have a tendency to compare myself, my relationships, my blog, and more. It clouds the blessing and joy from life and so this year I'm choosing to not compare but remember that I have my own story.

2) Choose joy no matter what is going on in my life, this is a constant goal, but always a good reminder.

3) I won't let the pressure of this school year consume my life and take away from the fun and playfulness college has to offer. 

4) Continue to work towards my goal of becoming a massive blogger but remember how much I love it and don't become focused on the number of followers. Instead, remind myself daily I blog because I love it and want to build relationships.

5) Be more spontaneous!

6) Lastly, learn to cook and start loving it and blogging about it! (I'm hopeful about this one)
Maybe I'll start working my way through a cookbook and document it. ;) (potential Julia Child moment lol)

Do you have any hopes, dreams and goals for this year/stage of your life?? 


  1. Happy belated birthday and I love when I can catch up on your blogs!! I love this blog today! There is no comparison to you! You are extraordinary! Remember that!!


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