Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Coffee Conversations: Beauty Talk!

Today, my gal pal Alana and I are grabbing a cup of coffee with you and sharing our current favorite makeup products. So if you don't have coffee, grab a cup, sit down relax and enjoy this quick, easy and informative read. ;)

Alana and I are makeup junkies! We exchange makeup tips, products and more on the daily. I love that we have that in common! It's so fun to chat about it! With that being said I'll start with my makeup favorites and she'll share hers after!

Current makeup favorite #1: 
I am currently OBSESSED with the Laura Geller Delectables Nude Eyeshadow Palette. Can you say "oh my goodness absolutely beautiful!!!" I had an Ulta gift card from my birthday and I was in the store unsure of what I wanted. When my eyes saw this, I got all bugged eyed and knew I had to take it home. The colors are so warm and pigmented. It wears wonderfully, it stays all day.. morning till night, even in the College Station humidity. I've been using it during Recruitment and I fall more in love everyday! It's 100% worth $45!!! There are multiple different color palettes that would work for different skin tones and preferences so check them all out! 

Makeup favorite #2: 
Becca Moonstone Pressed Highlighter: this is a favorite I've talked about many times before. It continues to remain a favorite, obviously. ;) Yes it's a little pricey but I've had it since December and have barely scratched the surface. It makes a beautiful highlighter and gives such a beautiful glow! It adds a nice touch for everyday or a night out! I use Moonstone because I'm fairer but based on your complexion you'll pick the best color for yourself.

Makeup favorite #3: 
This Ulta lip gloss combo! When I was there the other day I was trying to find a good lip combo and I discovered this one while experimenting and I LOVE it. It's #16 in brilliant color (this color isn't online but it's $3-$4 in store) with Bare on top! #FAB

Okay those are all my favs! I'll let Alana contribute her side of this beauty convo!

Favorite #1:
Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation is the bomb.com y'all! I did my own make up for a wedding in May and the lady at Nordstrom suggested this to me because it would wear all day due to it being waterproof! I have been obsessed with it ever since! It is perfect for the summer because when you sweat it stays put! 

Favorite #2:
When Abi said one of her favorites was the Becca highlighter I couldn't agree more because it's so beautiful. Earlier this summer though I found a great highlighter from Sephora and I have been loving it! It's the Sephora Baked Illuminator in the color light beam and is only $14! It is such a steal and it wears so great as well!

Favorite #3: 
Anastasia Beverly Hills contour powder palette in light to medium. This is just a must have palette. My besties got it for me for my birthday and it is so great! There is a great highlight color and an equally as great banana colored powder that is perfect to set under eye concealer! It's easy to use and the powders are so pigmented! It's worth the $40 for sure! 

I hope you enjoyed this Coffee Convo as much as I did! Now grab that wallet and head to Ulta. ;)

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  1. Thanks ladies! Great choices. Can't wait to check them out.


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