Monday, August 22, 2016

Creating A Space That Inspires You..

First of all, hi friends!! It's been way too long. Thanks for bearing with me last week and being patient. It was a crazy week packing and moving.. I didn't realize how sore it made me and how exhausting it was till it actually happened. I'm so over moving, I've moved 4 times with only two years of college under my belt. Yes, you read that right, I've moved ever semester of college. BUT I'm grateful to say, I'm in this place for the next two years. #PraiseGod

With that being said, for those that don't know, I am going through the Recruitment process! It started yesterday! I am very excited about the week and all it has to offer. I'm going in with a very open mind. I'll be sharing outfit sneak peeks on Instagram and I'll of course share what I end up deciding to do at the end of the week! So I'll save all the Recruitment advice, outfit tips and shenanigans once it's over, so stay tuned for that. :)

I start school on the 29th (holy cow! summer is over. *super sad face*). Because my life becomes a little more hectic once the semester begins, I've decided to create a blog schedule. I'll be posting every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and the occasional Friday. But for sure three days (unless life happens, ya know? ;)) I wanted to update you all since you are such faithful readers and deserve to know what's going on! Now that all the house keeping is over, lets get to what I actually wanted to talk about!

I'm loving my new place! Seriously. I'm so excited to share it with you all! It's been so fun creating a place that is sacred, sweet and peaceful. I wanted my bedroom and office space to be something that inspires me. Especially my office.

I pulled pieces together that I loved and added based on how the space looked. The crazy thing was, all these pieces were used for different things and as I started designing, things I already had worked perfectly together. #moneysavingtip

 Here are my pieces of advice for creating YOUR perfect space:

  • Choose your color scheme and stick to it. You can add pops of color but try to stay true to the colors you originally chose so the wall doesn't look thrown together. Now, I do love the exotic walls but unless you're going for that, stick to these tips. 
  • Use words and pictures that inspire you! Your space should make you think deeper and encourage you to develop more in whatever you're doing! 
  • Hobby Lobby & TjMaxx are your new best friend! The pieces are affordable and adorable.
  • Mix and match the frames to create depth. Some plain, some patterned, some distressed.
  • Treat it like a gallery wall but go beyond what you'd put on your wall. Remember: INSPIRE. ;)
  • Have fun with it and get creative! It takes reworking. If you have a design block, set it down and come back in a few days. 

I hope these tips are helpful and inspire you! My nail polish, lipstick, and bobby pin art are from this Etsy shop. My Bloomability sign is from here (I'm partnering with this shop owner week after next for a giveaway, so stay tuned!). The A is from TjMaxx! 

Happy Creating! 

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  1. Yay for beautiful and inspiring spaces, yours is so lovely :) I totally know how you feel on the whole moving aspect; the way our college functioned I moved every three months (3 months @ school, then moved for 3 months @ a paid internship and back and forth for 4.5 years)!!! I can't even count how many times that was...Can't wait to hear about your recruitment experience too. Greek life has been more than I could have ever imagined ;)


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