Thursday, August 11, 2016

Finishing Makeup Touches

Well friends...I thought when I wrote my post yesterday I wasn't out of it.. turns out I was a little under the weather, considering I spelled "choker" wrong throughout my whole post. Forgive me. I consider myself an English freak so when one of my friend's texted and told me I spelled it wrong I was so embarrassed. Oh well, I'll blame it on the pain medicine.

*now back to my post*

I've discovered some fabulous beauty finishing touches that add to my look. I wouldn't consider all the tips 100% necessary but when I add them, it's that little bit of flare that's perfect! You've heard me talk about the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray, if you've never used this before it's AMAZING! My makeup stays put all day with this stuff on! Seriously. If you get one thing from this video, it needs to be that. Next thing that's amazing and I love is Tyra Banks Dual Sided Liner. There is black on one end and white on the other. I line the white on the inside edge of my eye and it gives the perfect pop! Another amazing trick/tip that I learned from Courtney Kerr is apply lip gloss first and then lipstick! This helps the lipstick stay on longer and gives it the perfect amount of shine! This bubble gum lipgloss is amazing and so is this myth lipstick for a perfect nude! The liner is NYX natural.

Let me know your thoughts! ;)

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