Thursday, August 25, 2016

Link up: Learn Something Month

I'm so excited about this month's link up! I'm sharing something I learned. With moving into my condo there was lots of budgets and furniture buying to be had for making the place the homiest as possible! My mom and I are both very frugal when it comes to shopping especially because furniture can be so expensive. My mom found this table through a yard sale and I want to say paid $100 for a nice table and four chairs! SUCH A STEAL. But I need to mention, the chairs were an extremely ugly color with horrible fabric so my mom and I took full liberty to repurpose them and make them beautiful! I will say the results were beyond successful. Below are the before pictures:

Awful color right?!

And the after!! It's amazing what paint and time can do! 

Isn't it beautiful?! I'm so proud of it! The process takes time but is so worth saving money! If you are curious about what I used and how exactly I did it, send me an email for the paint colors, process and more! I'd be happy to answer all your questions. :) 


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