Friday, August 5, 2016

Pampering: Lush Edition

I've been eyeing the bath bombs by Lush since forever but I didn't want to spend $6 on something that would last me an hour (if that). Well for my birthday, my darling neighbor girls who are three and five gave me a relaxing Lush set. It came with shower gel, lotion and the amazing bath bomb! 

Bath Bomb | Entire Set

Yesterday was my official last day of work for the summer and so I decided to use the bomb as a celebratory "last day of work" type of treat. Let me just say it was amazing! I definitely recommend these as gifts. What girl doesn't love a beautiful bath with shower gel and lotion that's all natural and super good for you?! 

While the water was filling the tub I took a nice mirror selfie! I couldn't help it, my towel and camera strap matched. ;)

Pre-bomb drop!

There it goes!

Beautiful right and oh-so-intriguing!

My sweet neighbor girls requested a video of the bomb exploding so I got creative with the camera and kinda liked how the picture turned out.

The bath ended up with a purpleish tint to it and it was full of sparkles. I turned the jets on once I got in and it became bubble central. #love

This was what the bomb looked like before the last of it dissolved.

The experience overall was amazing and if you need a good gift for someone I highly recommend this. It screams "pamper yourself!" 

P.S. I will be getting my wisdom teeth pulled at 8 am on Monday morning. Your positive thoughts and prayers would be appreciated because I am nervous about being put under. My phone will be taken from me the first day to avoid any embarrassing moments kudos of myself. I'll be posting some next week but not like I normally would so bare with me! 

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Sending prayers for your surgery! I had mine out in March; make sure to eat a little something (smoothie) before you take the pain meds the day after, it really helped with nausea. The lush bomb looks like the perfect treat!


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