Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Perfect Gift!

So my bestest friend Sarah told me as my birthday was approaching that she got me the coolest gift for my blog, great for the condo and just beautiful. All very different categories and I was 100% stumped on what is was. She said she saw it in her friend's house over New Years and knew I had to have it! Well...she was right, this gift was amazing. It's a beautiful coffee table book, perfect for a rainy day, inspiration, and more! Seriously..love my Kate Spade book! 

The book is full of such beautiful pictures and inspiring words! With that being said, I'll share some of my favorite phrases from the book! 

"When in doubt wear red."

"The polka dot is friendly, classic, and strong."

"A sense of humor is key in all we do-- truly, this is a girl's best friend." 

"A pop of color has the power to punctuate an otherwise ordinary setting and can make for a far grander gesture than an overstated splash."

The book adds beauty and poise to any living room! It makes the perfect birthday gift especially for any Kate Spade lover, or anyone for that matter. ;) 

PC: Sarah Winsted 

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