Thursday, September 15, 2016

Monthly Link Up: Random Act of Kindess

"Every act of kindness grows the spirit & strengthens the soul." 

For my random act of kindness this month I decided I would bless someone with a Starbucks drink. Such a simple, inexpensive act that goes a long way.. I was moved by the whole situation and grateful that my blog challenged me to do something that truthfully I should do more often. I decided on a Starbucks drink because it's something small and sometimes essential for so many. ;) My hope was that the small gesture could change the day of a someone that needed it really impact them. It had a note with it encouraging them and wishing them an incredible day. It challenged them to extend the same type of gesture to someone else. What if we all spread this kind of kindness once a week? Would our world look different? 

As I walked up to the counter to purchase my drink, my nerves were all over the place. My hope was that it would impact someone in a small way that may change their day for the better. I handed the lady some money a note that said, "Have an incredible day! Please pay it forward and pass this random act of kindness on." I told the lady to pay for someone's drink awhile after me and stick that note on it. I tried to sit at the bar to see if I could witness the scene play out but it had been 30 minutes and so I had to get on with my day. As I walked out, I thought to myself again, "I hope it blesses someone."

I'm making a commitment now to do small things with great love more often. I believe it's those things that make a world of difference in society. I truly believe this post inspired and strengthened me more than that silly little drink did, and for that, I'm forever grateful. 


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  1. I loved this month's link up! Thank you for hosting Abi. I'm also going to make the commitment to spread the kindness more often, it really is inspiring! :)


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