Monday, September 12, 2016

Posh Products Review

I have always loved experimenting and trying new products. I think it's fun for me to do but also fun for others to read about. Blogs are supposed to be informative and so what's a blog without an honest review? ;)

I've heard the name Perfectly Posh many of times before but never actually tried the products. What I love most is the products are all natural and for an affordable price. It's hard to find products without harsh products that dry the skin out. Posh is the place for you if you're looking for clean, great smelling, natural products! I am thrilled to say, all the products I tried were such a success! With that said, lets get to chatting!

  1. This body butter is INCREDIBLE. It makes my legs so so soft and it smells so so good! I am not exaggerating. The scent lingers. It's aloe, spicy cucumber, and vanilla! An amazing scent combo. I woke up the next morning with my skin still smelling like the body butter. The thing I love most is, unlike other lotions where my feet feel dry the next morning, with this body butter, my whole body felt so soft because of the ingredients. I definitely recommend this! There are tons of scents to choose from! 
  2. I am a huge fan of the coconut body bar. This exfoliates your skin really well and leaves a fabulous scent. If you don't like coconut, no worries, there are tons of scent options. I've been using this bar for over a two weeks. Unlike normal soap bars that evaporate very quickly in the shower, I still have more than half this bar left and have been using it almost everyday. 
  3. This. Face. Mask. Heavens to Betsy it's AH-MAZING. Talk about a mask that clears those pores and sinuses. It has eucalyptus oil in it which is powerful. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and detoxed. Probably my favorite product from this whole set! If you want to treat yourself to one thing, it needs to be this! 
  4. I've heard a lot of positive things when it comes to night time oil and I'm here to tell you it changes the face game! This oil really moisturizes my skin (especially after using the mask) and gives me a very even complexion. It doesn't "over oil" (if that's even a word) my face, if that makes sense. It gives it the perfect amount of moisture to be extremely smooth when I wake up the next morning. 
  5. This hand creme smells great and adds the perfect amount of moisture to your skin! It's a portable size for your car or purse if you have any ashy skin while you're out! This product didn't blow me away like the other ones but it's still really great! 
If you had to choose two products, I would tell you to get the mask and the night time face oil! You won't be disappointed with either of those products! Overall my Perfectly Posh experience was a WIN! Definitely give the products a try! If you have any specific questions about the products please comment and I'd be happy to answer!

Have you ever used Posh products? What's your favorite?? Share your answers in the comments!

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