Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Vogue September Issue

This month for my Blushington box I was given a bunch of fun goodies but the main item was the Vogue edition for September. I have never paid $10 for the issue ever. I'm one of your "occasionally I'll pick it up in line at the store" and flip through it kinda girl. When I opened up the box all my roomies were so excited because they had seen on Snapchat how Kendall Jenner would be on the front and be the main hit of the issue. There is a poster included in this edition as well.

 Am I terrible for saying I hardly keep up with any celebrity gossip/talk? Thank goodness for my roomies because they know everything and everyone and keep me up to date and informed. ;)

That being said, I knew it would be a fun and different post for me to go through and share some parts of the magazine with y'all and maybe convince you to give it a shot and read it.

First off, the magazine is around 800 pages so be ready to look at it in spurts or give yourself 30-45 minutes to go through it all. I wasn't able to go through it all today but I started sticky noting the articles that I really wanted to read. What I was noticing was that the articles highlight women and fashion icons and their history. The issue focuses a lot on empowering women, which I think is great! I'm very curious to read them! But before you get to the good stuff you have to go through about 100 pages of ads. Let me just comment on this one done by Prada... say what?! Am I supposed to be fashion inspired by this...? I sure hope not. lol

There were a lot of "oh my" ads that I was not impressed with, but I do have to say, this one was adorable and caught my eye!

I also loved Gianni Bini because it gave the price of the items and where to buy them! Talk about helpful. Both looks were really elegant!

This J-Crew ad is to die for! The prints, the wording, everything!! Seriously love.

Also, Vogue will be entering the Snapchat realm here pretty soon so be watching out for that!

Lastly, I had to take a picture of Kendall from her shoot. This was by far my favorite picture. It's carefree, fun and just adorable!

From the things I've read about her many say she is extremely authentic. I'm excited to read through this entire magazine and gleam some fashion knowledge and history! I think at least everyone should purchase one Vogue edition in their lifetime.

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