Monday, October 31, 2016

How to wear a blanket scarf

Blanket scarves can be a tricky thing to figure out how to wear, I mean they can be used as a blanket for goodness sake! They are big, bulky and warm, but that's the point! ;) Bulkiness around your neck can also be annoying if you don't position and wear it just right. My FabFitFun box had a beautiful blanket scarf in it and I thought this would be the perfect time for me to share how I tie mine so it's a statement and not a bother! 

Start by holding your scarf and folding it diagonally in the shape of a triangle (as pictured below). 

Take the triangle and wrap it around your neck keep the tip of the triangle pointing towards the ground.

Pull the two outer ends of the triangle around so all three "points" of the triangle are laying on your chest!

Then pull the ends of the triangle to customize the spot of where you want it to lay on your chest.

Fluff and pull away from your neck! The key is to create a large enough space between your neck and the scarf, almost like a circle so you feel like you can still breathe.

Then tuck the ends under scarf and fluff it to your liking! 

This process is pretty simple once you get the hang of it and it makes the perfect pop of color or fun dimension to any outfit! Oh and most importantly, it keeps you super warm. ;) 

Happy last day of October! 

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