Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jord Wood Watches

I am so excited to be partnering with Jord Wood Watches and sharing their cool timeless watches that are hand crafted and 'tell a story.' Jord's mission is not about watching time pass but about making every moment matter moving forward.

I have always been a fan of watch wear. It's a fun fabulous accessory that adds a lot to any outfit! Truthfully, I love watches so much I use to wear my watches and go weeks without looking at it until one day I realized the battery was dead, for who knows how long! I know some people can't live without watches and some people think they are completely pointless. Are you a watch person?? I personally love wearing a watch. It's an easy way for me to check the time without pulling out my phone, especially in a time when it's not appropriate. I've become accustomed to the habit of wearing one that when I don't have it on I feel naked! lol

What I love most about these watches is that they are very natural looking. They come in all different types of woods, some of which are, bamboo, maple, ebony, and purpleheart. They are unique to all different styles and personalities, contributing a great finishing touch to your outfit. The beauty of Jord watches is they have men's watches and women's watches. I think they are the perfect gift and fall staple.

I chose my watch because I loved how dark the wood was. The grey face and the dark brown wood really pair well together. I also love that it's dainty. I have much bigger watches and so this style works when I want something less gaudy. That's another perk to Jord watches, you can get big, small or in between! Whatever suites your fancy! 

Jord has so graciously decided to do a giveaway! What's so awesome is, everyone that enters will receive $20 off their watch purchase with Jord! The winner will receive $75 off! Entering is so easy, you can do so here.

The giveaway ends November 6th at 11:59 CST. The coupon codes through the giveaway are good till January 1, 2017.

*The watch was gifted to me by Jord but all opinions are of my own.*

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