Monday, October 10, 2016

Kendra Scott Style

I'm obsessed with the Kendra Scott Fall Collection and excited to be collaborating and sharing how I style their jewelry. They really outdid themselves with beautiful, unique, atypical stones for Fall 2016. I am highly impressed. They sent me this beautiful granite bracelet and I was blown away by how different the stones were. My friends got me a KS gift card for my birthday so I decided I would get earrings to match. I personally love this stone because of how versatile it is. Depending on what is worn with it, different colors stand out in the granite. The colors that look great with it are reds, greens, greys, black etc.. It really adds a pop!

I always pair my Kendra with other none Kendra pieces. I love mixing and so I think it really adds a nice touch when I have a little bit of everything. Be bold and get some striking KS pieces, but don't be afraid to mix and match. Especially in the Kendra family. That's always a safe option. The necklace I wore with these pieces was a similar marble stone but I've also worn grey necklaces, gold, or ones with beads. To me, KS looks less like something everyone is wearing when you wear it with not well known jewelry. Does that make sense? Like I have a necklace from Nordstrom that is super beautiful but I probably wouldn't find in just any store, I pair it with my granite pieces and it really pulls everything together. Rock the look! You got it. ;)

I'm also in love with the lapis stone. You definitely can't go wrong with this! But seriously, consider getting some fall pieces because they won't be around much longer! PLUS, have you heard?? KS nail polish, like it? Love it? Gotta have it?? What do you think??

Happy Monday, lovely!

PC: Madi Bickham Photography

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