Monday, October 3, 2016

Styling a Bralette

One of my new favorite accessories has to be the bralettes that have recently become a thing! Have you noticed? It's the new way to add a colorful touch of lace to your outfit! It can be cute, sassy, sexy, (quite frankly) whatever you want it to be! I love how they can be worn with casual tees, dresses, blouses, literally anything and it dresses your look up! Francesca's is the place to get them! They are reasonably priced and come in a lot of different colors. I have the razorback style and love it, but there is also a halter

I love pairing mine in the fall with a knit sweater to give it a little extra pizazz. It adds a pop of color or spruce to that boring three quarter length sweater that just needs something added to it. I also love adding it to my tees! It brings out the less dominate colors and makes it a little more than just casual. With the lace, jewelry looks great, or bold earrings. Honestly you can't go wrong, I'm pretty much obsessed. 

What are your thoughts? Is it your next wardrobe add?? I say, yes! ;)

Picture credit to Madison Bickham Photography

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