Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Blue Porcelain/Paisley Dress

The Monday blues hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday, or should I say sickness.. I'm fighting a cold and a small virus I think, which is wretched considering I'm about to be in the thick of finals. Due to my sickness and the frigid temps that hit College Station I decided to invest in a heated blanket. This had to be one of the best decisions ever. It gives you the perfect amount of warmth during the cold rainy season or cold dry season (depending on where you live.) Total side note, but I knew I had to share considering it changed my life yesterday afternoon. 😉

Now for fashion speaking, I am loving this dress that I recently purchased. I don't know about you, but the swing dress style has me completely swooning. You don't have to worry about panty lines or it being too tight, you just slip it on with a pair of boots, wedges or flats and you look like you're ready to hit the town!

I also love the pattern of this dress, I've noticed it's become rather popular with two piece outfits and formal dresses! What are your thoughts on the pattern? Too much like fine china?? I personally love it! Also, do you think it's paisley or porcelain? Sometimes when I look it's paisley and other times when I look it appears porcelain!

The high neck look is also one of my favorites. It's a touch of accessory without having to wear anything. The beauty of this dress is it can be worn all year round, you just need to pair it properly!! A sweater, tights and booties and it's a winter dress. Sandals or heals with some bold jewelry and you're good to go for summer!

(The dress I linked up is very similar to the one I have on, the current style I could not find anywhere online. 😭)

Pictures: Catherine Golding Photography

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