Thursday, December 1, 2016

Current Favorite Nail Colors

Happy December 1st! Can you believe we are 24 days out from CHRISTMAS?! I can't! I'm so excited to be done with school and be on a break for a bit!

If you know me well, you know my nails are almost always done and I obsess about the color I'm going to pick before I go to the nail salon. I mean, it's a commitment, it's going to be on my nails for 3 weeks so I better be okay with looking at it for that long right?? 😉  I constantly struggle between light or dark colors! Recently though I've done quite the mixture and found some favorites. I've linked them up for you to purchase or just know the names for the next time you go to the salon!

Now you might be asking why in the world I've only got OPI listed?! Well here's the truth, OPI is the best nail polish. It lasts the longest, especially when it comes to gel. I haven't had any chips on my nails with OPI gel polish and my manicure lasts 3 weeks! It's amazing! So next time you go to the salon, ask for all the OPI colors and ask for three coats. This formula together will give you the perfect long lasting mani!!

Lets talk colors..

1. Be There in a Prosseco is the perfect cream color! It has more of a yellow tone to it so it pairs very well with gold dresses and outfits. I wore this color for the ball! It's beautiful and such a lovely neutral. I have a picture of it on my hands here.

2. Let's Be Friends is MY ABSOLUTE favorite pale pink. It has a lot of white in it with a subtle hint of pink. Finding the perfect light pink can be so difficult but after years of searching I finally found mine. I love it so much I ordered my own normal and gel bottle to be able to take with me to the salon whenever I want it. See it on my hands here.

3. I Cannoli Wear OPI is the perfect pale grey! It's subtly chic without being too dark! I definitely recommend this one if you're looking for a light fall color! I don't have a picture of it on my hands but it's not at all opaque. Have your nail technician test it on your finger if you're unsure. 😉

4. Viking in a Vinter Vonderland is the perfect dark purple! It's not quite black but has a beautiful purple tint in the light! I absolutely love it on my toes for the fall/winter. *sidenote* Consider getting a shellac pedi if your toe nails don't grow incredibly fast. I got a shellac pedi almost 5 weeks ago and it is just now starting to look long. It definitely is a money saver if you want to cut back on the amount of pedis that you get. 

5. Magala Wine is the perfect maroon! I don't know about you but I've definitely noticed how popular maroon is this fall season! This nail color is fabulous and screams fall without being too dark! I have a picture of it on my hands here.

6. Breakfast at Tiffany's Collection is a perfect gift set for Christmas. It has so many color for all different seasons! The one I recently got on my nails and loved for the holidays was Breakfast at Tiffany's (that's the name of the color). It's a beautiful pearly cream with a hint of sparkle. I usually never go for sparkle but loved this!!

7. Lastly, my next nail color before the holidays will be some type of red, but I'm eyeballing OPI Red. I have to be festive so I'll post a pic to IG once my nails are done with the actual color for those craving a beautiful hot red color this holiday season. 😉

Thanks for listening to me ramble about one of my favorite things! I hope this helps you the next time you're at the salon and aren't sure what color to get!

What are your staple nail colors??

Happy Thursday, you're almost to the weekend! 😘

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