Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gift Guide For Him

Happy Tuesday! I am home in Dallas enjoying the lights on my tree and flexibility of not having classes to attend or homework to do, there is nothing quite like the feeling! 

Now that I'm on winter break I am in full Christmas mode, finalizing the few gifts I need, and embracing all things holiday! That being said, somehow I ended up with a guy who has a birthday tomorrow (his 21st) and then Christmas 11 days later and our anniversary on January 1st. We didn't plan that well, did we?! This year we decided no gifts for our anniversary and just a fun date. But I still had to get him a birthday and Christmas present. Finding the perfect gift for a guy can be so hard... with girls there are so many options and choices of things to choose from, but guys are picky and hard and know what they like and don't like. Am I right?! 

I piled up a few easy favorites that I assure you any guy will love. There is something for everyone! Whether he loves socks and ties or beer or both you'll be able to easily get him something! 

1. What guy doesn't need or like a nice leather wallet? Zach's is looking rather sad. I feel like guys like to use their things till they cannot be used any longer. If you want to make it more personal, look into getting a monogram in the corner!

2. Another staple, a leather belt. You can't go wrong here either! I don't need to explain this other than, every guy needs a nice belt!

3. The RTIC koozie works just as well as the Yeti brand but for a much cheaper price. These are awesome for keeping your beer cold for hours. Every guy needs one of these. 😉

4. Some guys love leather watches, others love all black for the more sleek look. Zach would be one of those guys. This adds a nice touch to every outfit even for men. #winning

5. What girl doesn't love a good smelling man? 😍  I'm obsessed with this cologne so if you've tossed around the idea of getting a cologne you need to get this one! It's the perfect gift for under the tree.

6. Last but certainly not least, a wonderful tie, sock, pocket square gift set. Gift sets are my favorite so if you are leaning towards the clothing category, this will be perfect! 

I hope this helps with any tough gift decisions! What's your go-to gift for a guy?

Thanks so much for reading!

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