Friday, November 3, 2017

The Perfect Nail Polish Neutrals

Hi gals! I'm super excited to be writing about nail polish, although it's a simple luxury it makes me feel absolutely beautiful. I can have sweats on and have my hair in a bun but with my nails done I feel so confident. 😉  Can anyone else relate? 

Today I wanted to dive in and share my favorite OPI colors along with some staple Dip Powder Colors so that when you're in a pinch for a good neutral you know exactly where to look. Although this is a part of my wedding series, it really does apply to any time in life! 

Lets start with my favorite OPI colors: 
(all these images were taken from Pinterest but every color shown I have personally worn)

Lets be Friends! (All time favorite OPI color)
This color is the perfect pink and white combo.

Alpine Snow (a classic all white color)

Be there in a Presecco (perfect for pairing with a ivory or a warm colored outfit)

Bubble Bath (a very soft bubble gum pink)

Dont Burst My Bubble (mostly white with a hint of pink mixed it, not opaque)

Funny Bunny (some would say it's the perfect bridal color, it's a soft white and not nearly as stark and harsh as Alpine Snow)

Tiramisu for Two (a true neutral that has a browner tint to it)

Now for the top three Nexgen/Dip Colors that are the perfect neutrals! 
(The names of the color are shown in the picture, I have not worth all these personally but did some research and found them for y'all)

This is a fan fav for my friend, Alana. I'm debating using it for the wedding! 

Color is S45, picture taken by Alexis Belbel.

Well friends, there is a round up of some fantastic neutrals! I hope this is helpful whether you're getting married or just wanting a fun nail color. 

Are you a shellac/gel gal or a dip/nexgen fan? 

Share your thoughts below!! 

Thanks so much for reading! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

All Things Wedding: David Gardner's Series Part 2

Hi friends! I know it's been a bit but to be honest life has been beyond hectic. It's November 1st and I cannot believe it. I will be a married 2 months from today! SAY WHAT?! Things are coming together and we are so excited. I'll be sharing some more wedding updates soon so stay tuned! 

With all the wedding fun in mind, I wanted to dive into my second post with David Gardner's and share another amazing aspect about their company. If you missed my first post, you can view it here.

Custom pieces are something David Gardner's is known for. Although they have so many pieces on hand to choose from they also give each and every one of their customers the opportunity to design a piece step by step with David if nothing in the store suits their fancy. That may be an engagement ring, a bracelet or a beautiful stone necklace, they do it all, literally. 😉 

If you remember from my last post, I shared a unique aspect about their store, the shop is in the center.  They designed it this way so that customers could see exactly what was going on. Not only that, but they now have a new way of showcasing custom pieces with large photographs behind and the piece in a beautiful individual box to really show it off. This gives customers the opportunity to see it in actual size and it blown up. This particular day that I was in the store, David was sharing the beautiful multi stone cross I have on above. That's something I love about him, he can sit and tell you the story behind each and every piece he has crafted and has such a heart behind it. He loves what he does and that is so evident through his actions and words. The customization process is what I believe makes David Gardner's so unique. 

David has designed pieces for the older generation as well as the younger and they do such a wonderful job of mixing both of them in. No matter your age there is something for you in the store! They don't just have one target market, they have a huge clientele base and that's what makes their company so very special. 

Through this process of working with David and Julia we've begun to develop a friendship that is so near and dear to my heart. They are incredible people y'all that just love others and serve them well! Below is a new video that they just launched showcasing their engagement customization process, it's so captivating, so take a minute to watch it. 

Lastly, for those that follow me on Instagram know that I have been talking up a storm about my event next Tuesday November 7th at the store with David. It will be from 5-7 and is an opportunity for you to try jewelry on, sip champagne and be entered to win a $500 gift card!! I hope you'll join and meet me if you haven't already!! You can RSVP here.

Enjoy this video and stay tuned for next month's post when I do our wedding band reveal! 😍

Thanks for reading friends! 

This post is in collaboration with David Gardner's, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Wedding Series: Marriage Advice

Hi, friends! Its been awhile, lots going on and things are rapidly approaching!! We are 68 days out from the wedding and about 50 days from graduation! I cant believe it! This past weekend was filled with a shower, suit shopping and engagement photos! I loved every minute of it and am so excited for all that's coming up. Today's post is going to be full of marriage advice from friends of all walks of life. Some have been only married a few years and others have been married for 30 but I wanted to share what they said in hopes of encouraging you if you're single, engaged, or married. They are all good things to consider when looking at your life and the way you interact with your spouse, fiance or future spouse that you don't know yet. 😊  

 If you're married and have anything beneficial to add, share it in the comments! I love hearing from y'all! 

  • Be honest, even when its hard.
  • Remain calm when the other is sharing the truth or something hard. Don't freak out, it will only shut the other person down. 
  • When you get married it's not all about you anymore, remember your decisions are now "us"
  • Serve your spouse with the same love you want in return.
  • Share your heart together and pray a lot together
  • In the middle of an argument ask yourself if it will matter tomorrow or next week? If it wont, move on.
  • Be okay with knowing that you'll be changing, growing and changing perspectives and it may happen at different times. Be patient, show grace and mercy.
  • Make Christ the center and everything will always work out. 
  • You are a family before kids, remember that.
  • Communicate, always.
  • Don't share fights with friends and family that happened today, it only makes them mad and hard for you to move forward and forgive.
  • Choose love. It's a feeling but also an action. 
  • Be their biggest cheerleader
  • Never fight with your clothes on, you'll make up a lot faster 😉
  • Never stop dating each other.
  • Keep your dependence on Christ and not so much on each other. 
These were some of the biggest points that I took away from people sharing. I think they are great to keep in mind. Relationships are work and so I love hearing from older and wiser people that can speak into me and help me to succeed as I enter a new chapter.

I hope you loved seeing some of our photos and reading this advice! 

Local gals: Remember, November 7th 5:00-7:00 pm I will be at David Gardner's for a Meet and Greet event and if you attend you'll be entered to win a $500 David Gardner's gift card!! Please come, I'd love to meet you and so would the Gardner family! 

Thanks so much for reading!! 

Monday, October 9, 2017

All Things Wedding: David Gardner's Series Part 1

I am so excited to implement another aspect of my wedding series and share it with y'all, rings! I am collaborating with a local company in College Station, David Gardner's. I feel absolutely honored and blessed to be able to share my experience with them with you all. 
I'll be doing a three part blog series to showcase how special their company is, share how unique their pieces are and eventually share what I will be wearing once Zach and I are married. So stay tuned for November's post and then in December I'll be doing the big reveal of the bands! 

I don't know about you but walking into a jewelry store can be overwhelming, intimidating and I know a lot of people are thinking "how much is this going to cost me?" All these negative emotions can make the thought of ring shopping stressful or just jewelry shopping. The fun and freedom I felt the moment I entered David Gardner's was unlike any other. They are the sweetest most welcoming people and really just want you to have a blast in their store, whether you plan to purchase or not.

The first time I walked in was not for any shopping, it was for an event they were hosting for the sororities at A & M and it gave me the opportunity to go into their store with no strings attached and just experience the atmosphere and fun of the diamonds and bling. Let me tell you, I had an absolute blast and that was just the beginning of my relationship with Julia Gardner (who is pictured above). 

Julia and David are absolutely incredible people with a passion, dream and vision to help impact others by the jewelry they wear. Their generosity and love for others is contagious. They both have a presence that is unlike anything I've ever seen or been around. As I've gotten to know Julia and David more I had the opportunity to sit down with Julia and really hear her and David's story and how David Gardner's came to be. They are the definition of starting from the bottom and working their way up. When David and Julia first got married and started school at A & M, David was mopping floors at Zales which eventually led to drawing for a jeweler, which then led to them opening up their own shop. They had a few store fronts before the one they have now which is a completely unique design with the jewelry shop (where all the physical work is done) is actually in the middle of the store in order for their customers to see what is going on as they make and work on each piece of jewelry. 

Their business is unlike any thing I've ever seen and its truly exploded here in College Station! That's a sliver of who they are and as I continue the series you'll get to see more! Next month I'll be diving into their custom pieces! In December I'll be revealing our bands, but for now, you get a teaser.😉 

Now for the last exciting part of this post, I shared above that the first time I went to David Gardner's was for an event and it was the best time. Julia and I have decided to co-host an event where all my followers in the BCS area can come and meet me and also try rings and jewelry on! This is not just for the Brides-to-be but any ladies that love socializing and jewelry! Julia & David will be doing an incredible giveaway that night and you will only be entered to win if you attend! By incredible, I mean a $500 gift card! It's free and anyone can come!! It will be November 7th from 5-7 at 
911 University Drive East, College Station. You can RSVP here.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to come see their store and give me the opportunity to meet you! 

Thanks y'all for reading!! I'm excited to continue this series!  

This post is in collaboration with David Gardner's Jewelers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Wedding Series Part 2: Save the Dates

Okay girlfriend, grab yourself a cup of coffee or drink of your choice and get ready to have your mind blown because I'm going to help you save a ton of money! 

You all know I'm a girl on a budget and I don't believe you have to sacrifice your style or taste to do that! Save the Dates can be SO expensive along with invitations. Minted (a popular stationary site) has save the date postcards for as low as $1.18. That doesn't seem expensive initially but if you're inviting 250 to your wedding that's about $300 without tax, shipping, postage, labels, etc.. before you know it, you've dropped $400 precious dollars from your budget on just something that says Save the Date. Now, some would say that Save the Dates aren't necessary. I know plenty of people don't use them BUT with our time crunch and wanting to get the word out to people they were important in our case. My mom and I started trying to figure out the best way to cut cost and here is what we found. 

Step 1: Head to Etsy and search "Save the Date editable file" 
Immediately you'll have TONS of options. Our particular file is for photoshop which is also easy to use. If you don't have the software, ask a friend or photographer if they do so they can quickly edit the file. If you want to copy us, which doesn't bother me one single bit, here is the link: 

Step 2: Choose your pic and edit the file. Every single file you purchase will come with instructions and they are extremely easy to use. If you have any questions, just message your Etsy seller. Every person I have worked with has been so accommodating. 

Step 3: Save your file and head to Vista Print. This is the postcard section where we made ours. You'll upload your file based on the size, if you used our file it's a 5x7. Then you'll select the number you want to order. We did 250 and had extras but it cost us $55 making each card $0.22!!! How much of a steal is that?! 

Step 4: Once they arrive go purchase labels from your local Office Depot and create them in Word. We used Times New Roman for the return address labels and a scripty font for the address labels. The most expensive part was postage which was $88. Now, if you get a true postcard size image, your postage will be less. Just consider all those things when picking which save the date you want. 

With Save the Dates $55 from Vista, $10 for the file from Etsy, Express shipping (because of our time crunch) $22, Labels $12,  and Postage $88, we spent a total of $187 on Save the Dates!! So you could essentially only spend $167 if you don't need express shipping! 

I hope this post was fun and exciting for you to read! I've linked up some adorable save the date files for you to browse! Post any questions for future posts below!

 Happy Shopping! 😉  Thanks so much for reading friend! 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

My Bachelorette Weekend in Austin

What a weekend this was! So fun, so refreshing and just what my heart needed among the crazy that had been going on for the two weeks prior. My two lovely maids of honor, Sarah and Sarah, one blonde one brunette, both are pictured hosted an incredible weekend! One worked on the theme the other did the restaurants, picture taking and coordinating of the day! Their effort was not unseen and made me feel like an absolute queen! 

I found us an Airbnb about 30 minutes north of Austin and it was nothing short of fantastic! Honey was our host and did a fantastic job! If you are ever traveling to Austin and need a cozy, spacious place, here are the details for where we stayed: Sweet Escape in Cedar Park/Leander

You'll notice in the first pictures of the post cute little cards that have hair ties on them. I created those for all the girls that came and celebrated me. I made the cards myself and got the hair ties from David's Bridal (these ones are available in store only but just to get an idea of what they look like). I then wrote each girl a sweet hand written note thanking them for driving and being a part of the weekend. 

Friday night we enjoyed some margaritas, taquitos, girl time, and lingerie of course. It was my ideal girls night! I love good food, good drinks and good company! My girlfriends also hooked me up with some fabulous lingerie, Zach will thank them for sure. 😉  #keepinitreal 

Saturday morning we slept in and then went to brunch in Austin at a place called Searsucker. For someone with allergies that can't eat a lot of places, it had food I could eat, and was so good. I got the avocado toast and can't recommend it enough!! It was so tasty. I also highly recommend their mimosas.  After brunch we went to the very famous South Congress street and walked around. I got an adorable little handmade "N" necklace. It was cute, affordable and the perfect bachelorette souvenir for the weekend. Because it was September in Austin, the heat was absolutely killer so we walked for awhile and then headed back to our cozy place for a nice nap and chilling. For those that know me, know that a weekend isn't complete without a quick power nap. LOL. In the late afternoon we started freshening up and then hit the town for dinner and drinks. I had an adorable sash and everyone in Austin treated me so wonderfully. I can't tell you the number of congratulations I received along with free champagne, margaritas, or just any drink of my choice. It was such a wonderful night!

Sunday we slept in, woke up and everyone headed back to their cities. It was such a special time to get to spend with my girlfriends before I'm a married woman in 94 days... WHAT??

Cheers to girls weekends and something fun to celebrate!!! 

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