Monday, January 23, 2017

Coats and Jackets

Hi, friends! It's good to be back! Forgive me for being MIA, it's been good to take a little break though in get into my routine for the spring. 

Here in Texas there are days when I need a wonderful warm coat and other days when I need a light jacket. The weather fluxes like the emotions of a woman. 😂  I was given this wonderful J Crew coat for Christmas and couldn't help but share it with y'all! I know not everyone needs a wool coat so I wanted to share a combination of coats and jackets to accommodate every reader!

Some women have sensitivities to wool and others don't like feeling like a puffer fish in a big parka! Jackets are also essential because they keep you warm without bundling you up! Regardless, coats and jackets are essential to surviving October-March! They are pieces in my opinion that you can spend more money on to get the most bang for your buck. If you decide on a good style and color they are pieces that can last forever! This J Crew coat I'm sharing is one that I will use for years. The sizes are all over the place but they'll be around in the fall again so you can snag them then. They are restocked at the factory store annually! It's lightweight but warm and so chic! I'm a huge fan!! If you buy the coat through the normal J Crew site its about double the price. On the factory site it's significantly cheaper. My mom bought mine before Christmas so the sale at the factory store was huge. If you want your special size in the color you want start looking around November. I could talk about this coat all day long but I won't bore you because the jacket really does the talking. 

I've linked up some wonderful coats and jackets below to help you thrive through these last few winter months! Happy Monday and thanks so much for reading!!

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