Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Visit with Blushington

I've been sharing my Blushington boxes with y'all since the beginning of June and it's been such a fun treat to receive all different products from them every month. A few weeks ago I was able to go to the actual store and receive some of their beauty services. Let me tell you one thing I'm sold on....eyebrow tinting. 

This service basically tints your brows so you don't have to fill them in (expect a little in my case). In this picture below are my natural eyebrows with nothing done to them. On the left, my fabulous makeup artist was starting the process. 

This is after, I didn't get a head on shot but they are a little fuller! It makes them darker and fills in the gaps where hair seems to be lacking.

You'll notice in this picture they haven't been filled in at all and look very defined! This is eyebrow tinting at its finest. 😉

My experience with Blushington was nothing short of fabulous! I was treated like a princess and left feeling absolutely beautiful! If you are ever in need of a makeover, find one near you. Below I've included some of the products that were used on me and I loved. My absolute favorite of the ones below is the Stila Primer.. it reduces redness, brightens this skins and makes you look fabulous before any makeup is put on! I highly recommend it. 

P.S. Many have asked about my eyelashes and how they are so long. My secret is coming to the blog, so stay tuned. 😉

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