Monday, January 9, 2017

What's in my bag?

Happy Monday, friends! 

With the travel spirit as I spend this week with Zach's family and close friends I figured it would be the perfect time to share what I travel with in my Kate Spade bag!  

1. Deodorant: Does anyone else feel like when you're flying there is no happy medium for temperature?? It's either too hot or too cold..either way I always feel clammy and start to sweat a little. A little dab of Degree always does the trick. 

2. Band Aids: I always seem to blister or start to bleed somewhere on the days when I dont have time for it. Carrying these are essential, and who knows you may be able to help a neighbor! 

3. Q-tips: My ears ALWAYS seem to itch when I travel.. with the pressure change it's nice to have a q-tip when I take a bathroom break and fix any itchy ear syndrome I might have. 😉

4. Breath Freshener: I have two of these with me, one mint form and one spray form! You can never have too much fresh breath.

5. Lotion: 100% crucial especially during the winter! I tend to have dryer skin anyway but when I travel my body freaks out with all the climate change. 

6. Pain Killer: Who knows if mother nature will hit or you'll trip and fall while running to catch your flight. Regardless, you must have some in your bag! 

7. Sunglasses: explanation needed! 

8. Headphones and charger: Jamming is essential while traveling and being able to keep the phone juice high is also high on the priority list. 

9. Poo-Pourri: If you haven't heard about this stuff, all it takes is one spray before you sit down to take care of 
your bathroom duties, it traps any scent below the film so no one smells a thing, if you know what I mean. 😉 

Another clever trick I use when traveling is I make my carry on bag larger so I can fit my purse inside, that 
way when I arrive at my destination I can carry my normal sized purse and not have to worry about lugging 
a tote. 

Any travel essentials you need before you head out of town?? Share them with me below!

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