Monday, February 27, 2017

Everday Beach Waves

With tons of hair requests I decided I would share my everyday hair look! This is something that is my go-to, fast, and natural yet effortless do. Curling has taken a lot of practice but the practice is well worth it. I can have my hair curled within fifteen minutes! With that said, lets get to a quick and easy picture tutorial. 

If you haven't heard from every other blogger in the hair and beauty department, Target has started carrying Kristen Ess products and they are out of this world amazing! Inexpensive, effective, and wonderfully smelling. The two products I have been using are the Dry Shampoo and Texture (Beach Spray)! I swear the Dry Shampoo is part of the reason I have been able to go 5-6 days without washing my hair. The other reason is my shampoo and conditioner. (They are linked at the bottom of the post)

Before curling my hair I always give it some good Dry Shampoo sprays. This helps give it some grit and texture to help the curls stay and gets rid of any grease. Oh, and it adds volume! 

Then I divide my hair into three sections!

Last step before I start curling is spraying every layer with TreSemme heat protectant. I just recently started using a heat protectant, prior to a few months ago I had never used one. I've realized how crucial it is to the longevity of healthy hair so add this expensive product to the list if you dont already use one! It's under $6.

Grab a section about an 1 1/2 inches thick of hair and wrap the hair around leaving the edges out. This is going to create the wave. I use my T3 like the curling iron with the clamp and not the wand. Some people prefer the wand method but I like using it as an actual curling iron with the clamp. Wrap the hair away from your face, this is the most flattering.

Hold the hair for 3-5 seconds and then pull straight down. 

Your result should look similar to what is pictured below. 

Continue around your head remembering to curl away from the face! 

The back sections can be hard but just grab pieces (smaller pieces might be easier) and do it exactly as the front. You can always go back and touch up at the end! 

Because my bottom layer is the shortest it is usually the least curled. I just need it to have some wave. Move on to the next layer once you're happy with how the bottom layer looks. 

Continue with the same steps as listed above, heat protectant, inch and a half thick piece, curl away from the face, leave the ends out, hold 3-5 seconds and pull down. 

Once your hair is curled, let them set and cool. While this is happening, go around and tease the hair that needs a little volume and pick me up. 😉

Once cooled, take the Kristen Ess Beach Spray and spray it from mid shaft to ends while shaking your hair out. This gives it the messy natural look!

After this, you can leave as is or add more of a holding hair spray if you want it to last like this all day and not fall. 

I'm hoping you feel inspired to curl your hair and get some new products! 

Aside from learning how to curl, here are some quick, easy and practical tips that I use to keep my hair happy, healthy, and clean for 5-6 days.  

1. Find a great shampoo and conditioner that are high quality and are good for your hair and don't just clean it. 
2. If you're trying to treat your hair from dryness or damage, get a good argan oil mask! I have linked the one I'm using below. 
3. Get a silk pillow case. It does wonders to eliminate frizz and keep your hair either curled or straight. It's 100% worth the investment. 

I'm hoping this helps with your hair life, Sorry for all the pictures and lengthy post but it's hard to explain it without them! 

Have a wonderful Monday!! 

Shop all the products I use below: 

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  1. Loved this tutorial and product recommendations:) I've always had really long hair and had perfected how to style it but I just cut and donated 18in! I'm still trying to figure out how to style my shoulder length hair and this was helpful insight for me. Thanks Abi!


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