Friday, March 31, 2017


YALL!! Happy Friday!! I am so so so excited to annouce that my graphic tee line: Bloom With Grace has officially launched!! I could not be more thrilled! My dream of creating a clothing line has finally happened and I am so so excited to share it with you all! You'll notice on the pages tab at the top of my blog is a page titled "The BB Shop." This will take you to directly where you can purchase the shirts. 

A little back story on why I am so excited to share these with you: I’ve always had a dream and a desire to share my heart with others and create something that had my stamp and name on it. My blog is a platform where I can do that and now I have something you can physically wear! (My heart sings when I read that sentence out loud!) With this, I hope each of you would be encouraged and inspired. Bloomability is an outlet where I share my heart, love for fashion, beauty and more! I hope it’s a place where you come for encouragement and know exactly what you are going to get. I hope Bloomability inspires you and pushes you to be the best version of yourself. Life isn’t always daisies and roses but it’s about becoming more of who we are called to be and striving to be the BEST versions of ourselves. The phrase “Bloom with Grace” truly comes from a place of realness for me. For me, that's battling anxiety and depression. For you, it may be something else, whether that’s anxiety, depression, self worth, jealousy, pride, self harm, whatever your struggle may be and whatever life may throw at you, I hope you'll remember life's about the journey, not just the destination and you'll be inspired to Bloom With Grace. Thanks for giving me some of your day and letting me share my heart. Know you are loved, treasured and adored! 

I am so grateful for all the encourage and support!! It does not go unnoticed! If you decide to buy a shirt, please post it and share the love with the #BloomWithGrace! 

You can see all the goodies here!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Perfect Easter Dress

Hi, Friend! First off, did you notice my blog makeover?? I got on a creative kick last night and decided it was time for a change! I'm super excited about this new look! Tell me what you think!! 

On another note, Easter is rapidly approaching and I can hardly believe it! It's about to be April... three months of this year have flown by?! SAY WHAT?!

I thought two weeks out from Easter would be the perfect time to share a dress I'm currently swooning over and think would work perfectly for all your Easter festivities. Lets first talk about the color, dusty blue is my absolute favorite color. It goes so well with so many skin tones! I know dusty blue will be in my wedding someday because it literally looks good on everyone! Next, lets talk about the style. It's a very appropriate length without being too short or too long and you don't have to worry about it not staying up over your chest. It sits high and tight but still has some fabric in the front that lays beautifully! This dress is extremely affordable. It can be dressed up or down, worn with a sweater or shrug if you want to cover your shoulders and can be paired with any neutral clutch, or a bold one if that's what suites your fancy. 😉  The dress does most of the talking so I won't say too much more BUT please let me know if you get it and end up wearing! Take an adorable picture and shoot me an email! 
P.S. Please forgive me that the dusty blue sold out of course right before I posted. There is still white and black though!! 

You can shop the look below! 

Photography by: Century Tree Productions

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Nightly Routine

Finding the perfect balance at night and determining what works best for you to relax can be one of the hardest things. Everyone is different but finding the balance is the key to success in your sleep habits and truly one key factor to being happy in life, at least for me that is, no sleep = unhappy Abi. Am I the only one?! 

I thought it would be fun to share how I relax, the nightly products I use and the habits I'm trying to implement in my nightly routine. 

Currently, my bedtime routine usually starts around 9-930. Call me grandma but sleep is so so important. I take some time to wind down and by starting the get ready process my body goes into relax mode which eventually leads to sleep. Getting ready for me can be quite the process, at night I'll tell Zach, I'll call you once I'm in bed and he says "okay, talk to you in an hour." 😉  This is definitely an exaggeration BUT at night I don't have to be anywhere (usually) so I usually move slowly to get some "me" time. 

The first thing I do every night is grab a face wipe and remove all my makeup. This isn't the only step I take for cleaning my face because you can't truly wash your skin without removing the layer of makeup so before I do anything I get off as much makeup as possible with a face wipe. I really like these from Target. 

After wiping my face off, I run a shower and just rinse off. This is something I do every night and morning regardless of how early or late it is (funny fact about me). I just wash my face in the shower and clean my body. This helps me wake up in the morning and wind down at night. I shared previously on the blog my nightly skin routine but it's changed some. The products I use on a regular basis are: 
3. Face Scrubbie (this is life changing and I highly recommend it)
The CeraVe products have been absolutely amazing. Whatever formula they have works on my skin. Yes, I still get the occasional breakout but this has completely eliminated my acne and works beautifully on my skin. A drugstore WIN to say the least! 

After rinsing off and washing my face I apply the moisturizer I linked above and then apply Jergens Body Lotion to my hands and feet. Lastly, I'll apply some oils to my skin to really relax me. I use Rocky Mountain Oils or DoTerra. Some of my favorites are:
1. Peace and Quiet
2. Feminine Aid (I'm convinced it helps with cramps and reducing hormone craziness when that time of the month rolls around)
3. Serenity 
4. Balance
These are some of my favorite oils that relax and get me ready for a good night sleep. A lot of these help with anxiety too!

Aside from my nightly routine, I am really trying to implement some good nightly habits. Here are some that I am hoping to start soon/some day. 
  1. Not watching Netflix every night and picking up a good book. They say light from electronics is not good for us at night and so I am really trying to be better about finding a good read that will calm me and not require a lot of attention. 
  2. I know once I'm married I'll want to implement this but picking a time to put my phone down and not pick it back up. I think it's important that we unplug at night and I know once I am married that I'll want to implement this into my life. Any married gals do this and recommend it?
Anyway, that's a little glimpse of my nightly routine and so things I plan to implement in the future. What are some of your nightly routines that you love and would suggest? 

Thanks so much for reading! 

Photography by: Century Tree Productions

Monday, March 27, 2017

Top Four Lip Colors

If anyone knows me, I usually don't go anywhere without some color on my lips. I can thank my mom for that because she is a full believer that color is essential! That is now my motto, at least on my face that is! 😉  I always love seeing what other ladies use as their everyday lip colors so I figured sharing mine might inspire you to make an Ulta run! Before I share my favorite colors, here are a few steps I take prior to applying my lip colors, especially liquid lipstick. This helps create a good base. 

1. Exfoliation. You don't ever realize this is important until you have a lip color on and your lips are peeling like crazy. Nothing is staying on them and dead skin feels like it's everywhere. Exfoliating daily-couple times a week will help eliminate this problem. This one is my favorite. 

2. I apply my foundation over my lips. This helps create a clean smooth base taking out any color from your lips so the true color of the lipstick can come through. (Not necessary, but I step that helps my lipstick stay on all day)

3. Line the lips! This helps to create beautiful definition before the color is applied. The two go-to colors I have in my collection are both MAC. One is pinker (edge to edge) and one is more nude (boldly bare)

After these steps are complete, I finish it off with one of my four favorite colors. 

(This is the only lip gloss, every other color is liquid lipstick)

Hopefully this inspired you to try some new lip colors! I always love experimenting. Grab your lip color, embrace Monday and kick its butt! 😉 

Thanks so much for reading!

Shop all the products below: 

Photography by: Century Tree Productions

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Off the Shoulder Top

Little life update, my life is practically booked from now till the end of the semester (every weekend at least) All good things but so busy!! Why does that always happen in late spring? Can anyone relate? *life update over* 😉

Let me tell you, I feel like a total movie star in this outfit! I think it's the glasses with the top, don't you?! I felt absolutely beautiful while shooting, so I cannot recommend this outfit enough to y'all because I truly think it will make everyone that wears it feel like a pop star! 

I cannot get enough of off the shoulder tops! They are fun, sexy, and fabulous! They create a fun flirty vibe that is just carefree and truly perfect for summer and spring! Also, can I talk about these Articles of Society jeans.. so stretchy and SO comfortable! It felt like I was wearing leggings practically. I've been told the investment in good quality jeans is one of the best you can make. Does anyone else agree with that statement?

This outfit has to be my favorite that I've shared this week! It's cute for a date night or a girls day! Everyone needs an off the shoulder top, especially one with a beautiful bow in the back! 

All these looks were so fun to shoot over my break so thanks for being excited with me!! 
I hope you love them! Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time!

You can shop this look below! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Swing Dress and Ball Cap

Sometimes subtle statements are the way to go, especially in Texas as it starts to get warmer. Ball caps are actually becoming my new best friend. Never did I ever think I'd say that but here I am. Totally loving adding a little wave to my hair and then throwing a ball cap on. It makes life simple and easy and I don't have to worry about my hair the rest of the day! 

I am absolutely loving this dress as well. It's so soft and loose which makes it nice and airy for the hot spring and summer months. Yesterday it was mid 80's in College
 It's a nice length to be able to wear out if you pair it with the right shoes and some fun jewelry or completely dress it down like I've done here. It's a versatile piece that you absolutely cannot go wrong with! I completely forgot to take pictures of the back but it's got a cute cut out at the top. (so sorry, blogger fail) I am wearing an XS and it's definitely spacious so don't go up a size, if anything I would go down one. It comes in three colors and is currently 40% off!! It's definitely something I cannot live without. Do you agree?! 

Thanks so much for reading!! 

Shop my full look here:
(I've paired some other adorable hats as well as another pair of shoes that would look great with it) 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Chiffon Maxi Skirt

Happy Monday, y'all! Not going to lie.. the Spring Break blues are a real thing, especially with Daylight Savings but that's okay because I only have about six weeks left. I. Can. Do. It. My week was fun, relaxing and very restful. Exactly what my heart needed! I shot some great looks and I cant wait to share them with you all!

To brighten up your Monday I am sharing a beautiful green chiffon maxi skirt outfit that is just to die for! It's so inexpensive. It's so easy to throw on in the spring or summer with a top and feel absolutely beautiful. You could wear it to the beach, to a wedding (with the right top), or for a girls night. You seriously cannot go wrong. For the price of this piece, the quality is great! It's under $26!! Not to mention, it's long enough for me and that's saying something considering I'm 5'8! 😉  I love how bold the color is making it a complete statement! I can see some adorable Bauble Bar tassel earrings with this for a Mexico outfit, can you picture it too?! 

I hope you love this outfit as much as I do! I've linked all the details below! 

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