Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Nightly Routine

Finding the perfect balance at night and determining what works best for you to relax can be one of the hardest things. Everyone is different but finding the balance is the key to success in your sleep habits and truly one key factor to being happy in life, at least for me that is, no sleep = unhappy Abi. Am I the only one?! 

I thought it would be fun to share how I relax, the nightly products I use and the habits I'm trying to implement in my nightly routine. 

Currently, my bedtime routine usually starts around 9-930. Call me grandma but sleep is so so important. I take some time to wind down and by starting the get ready process my body goes into relax mode which eventually leads to sleep. Getting ready for me can be quite the process, at night I'll tell Zach, I'll call you once I'm in bed and he says "okay, talk to you in an hour." 😉  This is definitely an exaggeration BUT at night I don't have to be anywhere (usually) so I usually move slowly to get some "me" time. 

The first thing I do every night is grab a face wipe and remove all my makeup. This isn't the only step I take for cleaning my face because you can't truly wash your skin without removing the layer of makeup so before I do anything I get off as much makeup as possible with a face wipe. I really like these from Target. 

After wiping my face off, I run a shower and just rinse off. This is something I do every night and morning regardless of how early or late it is (funny fact about me). I just wash my face in the shower and clean my body. This helps me wake up in the morning and wind down at night. I shared previously on the blog my nightly skin routine but it's changed some. The products I use on a regular basis are: 
3. Face Scrubbie (this is life changing and I highly recommend it)
The CeraVe products have been absolutely amazing. Whatever formula they have works on my skin. Yes, I still get the occasional breakout but this has completely eliminated my acne and works beautifully on my skin. A drugstore WIN to say the least! 

After rinsing off and washing my face I apply the moisturizer I linked above and then apply Jergens Body Lotion to my hands and feet. Lastly, I'll apply some oils to my skin to really relax me. I use Rocky Mountain Oils or DoTerra. Some of my favorites are:
1. Peace and Quiet
2. Feminine Aid (I'm convinced it helps with cramps and reducing hormone craziness when that time of the month rolls around)
3. Serenity 
4. Balance
These are some of my favorite oils that relax and get me ready for a good night sleep. A lot of these help with anxiety too!

Aside from my nightly routine, I am really trying to implement some good nightly habits. Here are some that I am hoping to start soon/some day. 
  1. Not watching Netflix every night and picking up a good book. They say light from electronics is not good for us at night and so I am really trying to be better about finding a good read that will calm me and not require a lot of attention. 
  2. I know once I'm married I'll want to implement this but picking a time to put my phone down and not pick it back up. I think it's important that we unplug at night and I know once I am married that I'll want to implement this into my life. Any married gals do this and recommend it?
Anyway, that's a little glimpse of my nightly routine and so things I plan to implement in the future. What are some of your nightly routines that you love and would suggest? 

Thanks so much for reading! 

Photography by: Century Tree Productions

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