Monday, March 6, 2017

Pretty in Pink Makeup Routine

Warning: there are lots of pictures below but there is no other way to show you how I apply my makeup without it. So join me as I walk you through my pretty in pink makeup routine! I am using pretty rose gold eyeshadow colors and a beautiful light pink.

Before I start anything I always prep my face with CeraVe moisturizer. This is one of my all time favorites. I use it day and night. (all products will be linked below)

Next is primer. I've used lots of different primers before. This one from Ulta is great and so is Hangover by Too Faced. 

Next, I take my DermaBlend and dab this on spots of acne or areas that need extra coverage. 

Then, I take my Estee Lauder double wear and apply that with a beauty blender all over my face. You only need about a dime size for your face. A little goes a long way!

Then I buff my face with a Too Faced compact to set the foundation before applying Nars concealer under my eyes and to any problem spots. 

One of my favorite steps is taking my Kat Von D translucent powder and baking my face. If you've never heard of baking before it's a technique to make your under eyes look fabulous. Make sure your beauty blender is damp and dip it in the powder and pat it under your eyes. It should look something like how it's pictured above. Leave it there and apply the remainder of your makeup. I'll sometimes bake other areas like my T-zone and jaw line to really highlight those areas. 

Next, I use my Tartist contour palette and use the darkest brown to give myself some nice color. I then use the blush to the left on the top part of my cheeks to give me the perfect amount of rosiness. 

Next is eyebrows! I will take my eyebrow wand/spooley and smooth them before applying my pencil. The one pictured is Maybelline but I also just purchased the Elf brow pencil and love it. 

After I have them just how I want them, I apply a brow gel to set them. This is a total optional step but it just helps keep them in place. 

Next, I prime my eyes with Mac's Painterly Pot! I absolutely love this. Cannot recommend it enough! 

For my eyeshadow today I'll be using the Naked 3 palette to give myself a warmer pink look.

I'll apply the first color all over the lid and brown bone. 

Using my angled brush, I'll apply the fourth color in from the left in the crease area. 

Then, I'll add a little pink shimmer to the top of my lid with the color three in from the left. 

Then lastly I'll apply this darker brown color to the very edge of the crease for some definition. You can leave this color out if you want something very casual.

Whatever you do, just blend!! This changes the eyeshadow game. (If applying eyeshadow is something you all would like a tutorial on, comment below)

Next, I take this flat end brush from the palette and apply eyeliner. Rather than using a pencil I use shadow so the line isn't as harsh. I use the second to darkest color on the palette for this.

I then brush my translucent powder off. 

For a more formal look, I'll take the light brown in my contour palette and contour my nose a little bit. I just take my ring finger and create a soft line along the sides of my nose.

Mascara is the last step. I'm absolutely loving Boxom! It's from the Bare Minerals line and it's only $20! 

Last but certainly not least is a little Becca highlighter.

I apply this only on the tops of my cheek bones, lightly on my nose and the top of my lip to brighten those areas. 

Then for my lip, I line with a Mac liner. These are worth every penny!! They will last you forever. 

Then I add my lip color.

And the finishing touch is Urban Decay setting spray! 

The steps are a lot but they are simple! Just take your time, you'll get the hang of it! All my products are linked below!! 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Thanks so much for reading!! 

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