Monday, March 27, 2017

Top Four Lip Colors

If anyone knows me, I usually don't go anywhere without some color on my lips. I can thank my mom for that because she is a full believer that color is essential! That is now my motto, at least on my face that is! 😉  I always love seeing what other ladies use as their everyday lip colors so I figured sharing mine might inspire you to make an Ulta run! Before I share my favorite colors, here are a few steps I take prior to applying my lip colors, especially liquid lipstick. This helps create a good base. 

1. Exfoliation. You don't ever realize this is important until you have a lip color on and your lips are peeling like crazy. Nothing is staying on them and dead skin feels like it's everywhere. Exfoliating daily-couple times a week will help eliminate this problem. This one is my favorite. 

2. I apply my foundation over my lips. This helps create a clean smooth base taking out any color from your lips so the true color of the lipstick can come through. (Not necessary, but I step that helps my lipstick stay on all day)

3. Line the lips! This helps to create beautiful definition before the color is applied. The two go-to colors I have in my collection are both MAC. One is pinker (edge to edge) and one is more nude (boldly bare)

After these steps are complete, I finish it off with one of my four favorite colors. 

(This is the only lip gloss, every other color is liquid lipstick)

Hopefully this inspired you to try some new lip colors! I always love experimenting. Grab your lip color, embrace Monday and kick its butt! 😉 

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Ooh good tip on putting foundation on your lips. I think I had heard this from my older sister, but it's a good reminder.


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