Thursday, April 27, 2017

Facts About Me

Hi y'all! Over the past year I have gained 7x the followers that I had in 2016 which is huge! *girl scream* My roomies gave me that statistic/fact the other day and it was so exciting! If I can double my growth or even triple it in the next year I think that would be incredible and I know with hard work, dedication and determination I can do that. Your love and support throughout this entire journey has meant the world. I'm so grateful the Lord has given me a platform to speak on and to reach the lives of so many. With my growth, I know I've gained a lot of followers that don't know me on a personal level. One thing I love about blogs is its like a virtual best friend. I hope my blog is that for you, but in order to feel that way I need to tell you about myself on a deeper fun girlfriend kind of way. I thought it would be fun to do a "random facts about me" post. I have my weird moments for sure, but that's what makes me, Abi. So with that being said, lets get to the facts! 

1. I was born in Okinawa.
My dad was in the Marine Corps for 24 years and my parents second duty station was on the island of Okinawa, Japan. I was actually born during a typhoon. We headed back to the United States not to long after I was born. I've been back once since then in 2003-2004 time frame. 

2. I was homeschooled.
This usually is one that shocks people but yes. Most of my school years I was homeschooled. Of all my siblings I was the one that was homeschooled the longest and the reason that was the case is because I was the kid that could work on her own and manage my time well even when I was like 10.  #typeA
The years I was in school were Pre-K, K, 2nd, 11th, and 12th. I took community college classes during my time in high school which is the reason I am able to graduate a semester early. 

3. I didn't kiss my boyfriend for an entire year. 
Yes, this was a rule. Being the first born girl my parents cracked down on the rules (cant say I blame them). It was definitely hard but truly the reason I believe Zach and I have such an incredible foundation. It was friendship first and then romance. (side note: we made it 11 months before we kissed, whoops 😉 )

4. I have a random obsession with pineapples.
I don't know why but they are bright fun and just bring happiness. I love their shape, their color and the quotes that people have associated with them. 

5. I am graduating a semester early from college.
This is due to my determination to take college classes in high school. If you can do it, I recommend it. I'm so excited for adult hood to officially begin! I know a lot comes with that but I've always been an old soul. lol

6. I drink spark every morning. 
If you don't know what Advocare is, it's a vitamin and supplement line that my parents' started selling when I was young. Spark is a vitamin packed energy drink that I partake in every morning. It's like my cup of coffee to start the day. 

7. I take two showers a day but only wash my hair every 5-7 days.
This is something funny I have done for awhile. My mom actually takes two showers a day. One in the morning to wake her up and the other at night to relax her. I use to think it was the weirdest thing but what do you know? Now I do it. I don't wash my hair. It's usually just a 30 second rinse. So if you happen to be with me in a 24 hour period I will shower twice regardless of where we are. 😂  
On the hair, I have brown hair so it covers grease well and I am a pretty dry person. I am somehow able to go for days without washing. I used to wash my hair every other day but I weaned myself off that habit and I don't produce hardly any oil on my head.

8. I know almost every OPI nail polish due to my fresh nail obsession.
I have ALWAYS loved getting my nails done. It's been something that has always made me happy. As I've gotten into it more and more I've learned the OPI colors I love and those that I don't, and now I don't use any other brand.

9. I prefer movies over TV shows
I've always been a movie person. I am not sure why but if we have time I'll choose a movie over a tv show any day. 

10. Father of the Bride is my favorite movie.
I just love Steve Martin and this story. It's sweet, heartfelt, romantic and just gives me all the feels. Can you tell I love weddings or what? lol

11. I'm the last girl in my friend group to turn 21.
This statement is unfortunately true.. I am so ready to turn 21 but I won't be till July 30th of this year. Not too much longer! 🙌 

12. I love to find a good deal. #bargainshopper
Some of you may know this some of you may not but finding a good deal is almost like a high for me. It gives me a rush and makes me so excited! TJmaxx and Marshalls are my go-to bargain stores.

13. I'm 5'8.
This is taller than the average woman but short in my family. Crazy right?! Most people don't realize how tall I am till they meet me. 

14. I joined a sorority my junior year of college.
A lot of people don't know that I joined a sorority. I went Tri Delta. It's been a great experience and something I think everyone should at least try. I posted a video on going through recruitment, you can watch that here.

15. I danced for 15 years
This is a huge part of who I am and something I love so very dearly. Ballet was the primary style that I studied along with Jazz and Modern. 

I have more but saved them for my next post down the road!! I hope these were fun for you to read! 

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  1. Loved this post, Abi!!! So fun learning a little more about you and congrats on growing your followers :)

  2. I was the last in my group of friends to turn 21 too! I felt some serious fomo when my friends were all able to go out and I had to stay at home but it was so fun to celebrate my 21st birthday with all of them! Do you have anything fun planned for your 21st?

    xo, EK

    1. Yes I have felt the FOMO too Ela! I am so ready to turn 21! Nothing planned yet other than I will be in Dallas. My birthday is on a Sunday so I need to plan some things/figure out what to do.


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