Monday, April 3, 2017

Life Update

Hi, friends! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was filled with wedding coordination, the Dallas Farmer's Market, reflexology, Chinese takeout and movies. A weekend win without a doubt! 

I wanted to dive in today to give you a life update. What's going on in my life, my summer plans, and some real talk. I think it's important to be real and so I figured I would answer as many questions about the up and coming months as possible/fill in any details about how my semester has been. 

What are your summer plans? 
I have accepted two internships. One with an incredible event planning company and another with Hawaiian Falls (a water park in the Dallas area). I will be holding a Camp Director position overseeing counselors and facilitating programs for kids of all ages. This is not something I would have originally gravitated towards but the opportunity fell into my lap and so I had to take this leap and I'm so excited about it. It will be a busy summer without a doubt. I will also be taking 3 classes. Two I will be knocking out in May for a mini semester and another in the first summer session. So taking a vacation is not in the realm of possibility. But that's okay because I'm working towards the goal of graduating and that's what matters. 😊

When are you graduating and what are you doing after graduation? 
I am graduating in December and so so excited! I feel like my life is so close to officially starting. It's a freeing feeling to be done and I'm so excited to see what God has for me. Ideally I want to be blogging full time after I graduate but I am not sure if I can get there. I am working super hard BUT if not I plan to start working in the event industry. 

How is your anxiety?
My anxiety is pretty good. Some days are great and others are really hard! My thought life takes a toll on my energy. I am extremely analytical so I have been learning how to take my thoughts captive and replace them with truth. This has been a huge exercise for me but I am grateful the Lord continues to walk me through it. If you are struggling with anxiety and need some encouragement. Please shoot me an email. I'd love to cheer you on and remind you you aren't alone. 

If you have any other questions you are curious about when it comes to me and my life I'd love to answer them!  

Below is the top I'm wearing along with the lip color and a cute pair of white pants!! 

Thanks so much for reading! 

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