Thursday, April 13, 2017

Splurging and Saving

Having a wardrobe that you love, has a variety of pieces and isn't worth thousands and thousands of dollars can be hard. What do you save on and what pieces do you splurge on? It's the million dollar question for fashion lovers! Today, I'm going to give you some practical tips on how to make your wardrobe exciting and full of variety by telling you what I think is important to save on and splurge on.

Lets start with what to splurge on! For me, there are pieces that are timeless and if you invest them, they'll will last you a very long time (I'm speaking as if these clothes are people but come on, if you treat your clothes right they'll last you forever 😉 ) Shoes are something this rings true for (at least for me). I am much more willing to spend good money on shoes, especially if they are something I'm wearing on the daily. Aside from shoes, classic pieces that you'll wear forever are in the category of "splurge." Let me give you an example, a few days ago I purchased a beautiful high waisted white midi skirt from a boutique here in College Station. I spent $50 on it and I did that because in my head could name at least three different events I would wear it for. It's a timeless white skirt that I can pair with tons of different things and make it look different. That's another point, splurge on simple pieces with not a lot of pattern so you can make it look different with lots of different outfits. Make that a rule of thumb when you are deciding if you should splurge or not. Ask yourself truly how many times you would wear the piece. If it's more than three or four, I say do it! 

Lets chat saving. Purchasing items that are currently trendy is probably not the best idea because most likely in a season this fashion fad piece will no longer be as cool and chic. This may not be the case for everything but how are we supposed to know when we are purchasing something if it will be a couple year trend or only for a season? If you're anything like me, it's so easy to get caught up in how precious and adorable something is when in reality you could go to TJmaxx, Target, or another (low) price point store and get a similar piece. I'm going to tie in a saving example with the skirt I just talked about above,  I knew when I purchased the skirt I would need a crop top to sit right above the waist line to really show it off. I could have gone to Anthropologie to look for a top that's short, beautiful, great material and unique that I will wear again and spend a minimum of $50 or go to TJmaxx and spend $16, which is what I did. 😉  I may not use the top for anything other than with the skirt but it was $16, so not a huge deal. The bottom line is when it comes to saving, decide on pieces that are trendy and save on those. Or basic pieces that you don't need super high quality material for, like tanks and v-necks. Tjmaxx and Target have plenty of cute ones whereas if you go to Madewell you could drop $45 on a simple v-neck. It's just not a necessary use of your money in my opinion.

Now this is where my outfit above comes in. I have pieces that I saved on and pieces I splurged on. This precious top from Shein is definitely a trendy piece. It's got lots of ruffles and has some bell sleeves. Lots of trends all in ONE top and I love that! Don't you?! Spending $60 would not be something I would recommend for a piece like this, but spending $15 for a quality piece that fits well sounds fabulous! Now the necklace I'm wearing is a more expensive piece of jewelry BUT this is one of my most favorite necklaces and I wear it with SO much. It spices up any neutral outfit and truly is just all around beautiful. I would purchase it again in a heart beat! White jeans are another "splurge." Everyone needs a pair of these in their closet! Lastly, I splurged a little on my shoes. These wedges I have worn at least 10 times and I know they'll be my go-to summer wedge.

I hope this helps you as we approach a new season on what pieces you should save your money on and other pieces you can splurge a little.

You can shop my entire outfit below:
(side note on the top: it's a One Size but it fits beautifully. It's a looser fit so it can really be worn by all sizes)

Photography: Century Tree Productions

This post is in collaboration with Shein but all thoughts and opinion are my own! 

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