Monday, April 17, 2017

The Perfect Girlfriend Birthday Gift

So my bestie turned 22 on Friday and I was torn on what to get her. We are both the type of people that get what we want/need in that moment which makes buying gifts hard, but I wanted to make the box special and be full of things that I know she loves. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to share it with my wonderful readers just in case anyone was in the same predicament. 😉

What do girls love? Girls love nail polish, lotion, candles, jewelry and anything frilly and cute. Sarah and I both have this thing for OPI nail polish so I decided that getting her a collection of colors to wear on her toes to match her fingers would be perfect! Another thing that is a fun summer accessory are tassel earrings. They are so in right now. I went with black because she is blonde and it makes them more statement. (Don't worry I'll link everything below if you're wanting to see exactly what I got her) Another great gift is volcano candles. If you have never heard of these, they will change your life! They smell absolutely amazing and will last you forever. We are talking a good quality candle, friends. Rather than getting her the candle though I decided to go with hand lotion so she could have the smell but use it in her purse whenever her hands are dry. Smart right? 😉  Another thing I added that isn't pictured is the book Twenty Two by Allison Trowbridge. It's a book of letters to a young woman searching for meaning. It worked perfectly since she was turning 22. I will be writing a blog post on it soon BUT if you need a peaceful, easy, encouraging read you need to get this book now! It's not just for women in their 20's. It's for women of all ages. I'm only twenty pages in and loving every minute of it. Lastly, I added a cute small notebook with a cute saying on the front and wrote my note to her on the inside. That way whenever she sees the notebook she'll always remember I gave that to her on her 22nd birthday. The box I put everything in was purchased at TJmaxx! 

Hopefully this inspires you if you're in need of a gift for a girlfriend or sweet lady in your life! 

Shop everything below: 

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