Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Work/Life Balance

The work life balance.. is there really such a thing in this day and age? I struggle to say no as I write this post because how do we find the perfect balance? It's a question I've been asking myself for quite some time now. Being the type A go-getter individual that I am, I feel as though my brain never shuts off and I can definitely say I get that from my dad. If I'm not studying or working on school, I'm brainstorming my next blog post idea and figuring out how to get everything done in 24 hours. I always need a few more, does anyone else agree? 😉

As I type this post, I want to offer some tips and advice for how to work on achieving this life balance but I would also love for it to be an open dialogue. I want you to comment below or leave your feedback on Instagram because the reality is, I don't think anyone has the perfect balance. We all fall short in one way or another because we aren't perfect BUT that being said, I think all the advice and encouragement we can give one another on achieving this topic hopefully motivates and inspires everyone that reads this post. 

Truthfully, I don't even feel qualified to write this post so please know me giving out tips and suggestions is not my way of saying I have it together but trying to encourage you. We're all in this together! Know that as I share these tips, I fall short in this area on a weekly if not daily basis but wanted to share them with you regardless. 

So I know you're probably asking, "Okay, Abi. Well how do you achieve this balance in your life?"
I think time management is HUGE. Lots of people ask how I go to school full time, work and write a blog three times a week and the reality is, I'm really good at managing my time. I'm not trying to toot my own horn by any means but being good at managing your time allows you to get a lot done in a short period which then means work gets done fast and you are able to take a break and tend to your life. Does that make sense? 

Another important thing with the balance is knowing when to turn your phone off (and by off you can take that literally or just not tending to any work related things) and say to yourself "work hours are over, I'll get to it tomorrow." I struggle with this on a daily. I get blog and school emails at night and I feel this pressure to instantly reply so that people think I am on top of my work rather than realizing that it's 10 o'clock at night and I can easily just reply in the morning when I get up. A good tip for this is setting strict work hours for yourself. Once those hours are up, No. More. Work. No exceptions. Make someone hold you accountable for this. Maybe a roommate, spouse, family member, whoever, but ask them to make sure you are resting and enjoying some quiet time and soaking in life and not tending to whatever is calling your name in your inbox. 😊

Force yourself to take a walk and break from work mid day as your brain hits a fog and you start to get grouchy because you've been cooped up. This happens naturally for me because I have to walk a lot on campus so when I am going from class to class I am forced to soak in the fresh air and exercise a bit. 

Don't beat yourself up if everything on your to-do list doesn't get done. This is a hard one for me but so true. When the hours are up and you can't work any more, just move any tasks you didn't get done to the next day. IT'S OKAY. I promise. The sun will rise tomorrow and you'll be able to get those tasks done. When you beat yourself up you are using emotional and mental energy that could be put towards another task the next day. Try to gain perspective and realize you did what you could. 

Remember, life's too short to let work steal your joy. Live each day to the fullest as much as you possibly can, getting done what you can, and knowing that tomorrow brings another day for a fresh start and more productivity. Don't measure your days by what got done but rather the memories and sweet moments that came in that day because you'll remember those things over the to-do list that you checked off. 

I hope you're encouraged and know that this balance is something that is so hard to come by. I struggle with it too! We are in this together, Friend! Do me a favor and if you have thoughts or dialogue, share it in the comments! 

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  1. Hi Abi,

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips! I am a total workaholic and finding a work/life balance was a challenge to say the least. It felt so weird doing things like turning my phone off after a certain time and writing realistic to-do lists (<-- a big life saver!) but after a month or so, it became second nature :) Finding the right balance is totally a work in progress and oh so very important!

    xo, EK


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