Thursday, May 11, 2017

Instagram Basics + Creating a Platform

Happy Thursday, friends! I decided that sharing my Instagram tips and tricks from along the way would be super helpful to anyone wanting to up their Insta game or start some type of business through the app. I'm not going to lie when I say Instagram is a hard app to master. The algorithm is extremely intense and switches up all the time making it hard to get exposure and super discouraging BUT creating a beautiful feed helps increase exposure so I want to dive into some simple basic tricks that can help improve your feed.

Flow, what's that?
The rhythm and look of your feed. Do the colors compliment each other? Does your feed tell a story? What story are you trying to tell? These are all super important questions to ask yourself when creating a feed and uploading photos. I constantly have to ask myself if my picture fits or if I'm just posting to post because that's easy to do. 

Consistency. How so?
What do I mean by that? Well you'll notice in the screenshots of my feed I have pictures with white backgrounds spread throughout and I also am showcasing shoes that way.  I have outfit inspiration but also throw other inspiring aesthetically pleasing photos so it's not just "the Abi show" on my feed. I like to tie colors together and create the look and feel of a magazine. Look at your feed like that. You're flipping through the pages and each one offers something different and explains what product you can get or how to do something. 

Make it personal.
A lot of my posts are from my blog and something cute like outfit stuff or arm candy but I also like to throw in personal touches too every once in awhile. When you think about a magazine there is an editorial page where the editor of the magazine shares something about herself and a picture. Think of pictures here and there of your life like that. You are giving the world another little slice of the pie so they can get to know you and feel as if you're their best friend. You offer advice, share your heart and keep it real. Make that you're goal and I promise you'll grow.

Get good pictures.
This is 100% necessary. Although it's difficult to find good photographers, you'll be grateful for it later. No one wants to like pictures that are poor quality and dont look good. If you're wanting to buy a camera to take some blog shots yourself, I have the Canon Rebel and it's a good camera! I don't use it all that often because someone takes my pictures but I'm so glad I have it!! 

Now for some Insta basics:
  • Decide on whether you want your pictures cropped square or have a border. Do one or the other. Switching back and forth throws off your consistency.
  • Decide on black & white or color. Really try to stick to that. Adding an opposite when you have B&W or Color really throws it off. 
  • Use consistent editing. When I edit on my phone I use VSCO camera. I add brightness, a little contrast, saturation and a little warmth. 
  • Plan your posts with Planoly. This is how I make sure my flow is consistent. It lets me upload and schedule photos so I can see how it looks on my feed! #bestappever
  • Get yourself this book. It's inspired me and helped me a lot!! 
Okay friends, definitely a long post for sure but hopefully all information is helpful, encouraging and inspiring! I've scratched the surface on basics so please reach out if you want to know more or have specific questions. 

 Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for reading! 

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