Monday, June 19, 2017

A time & a season

Hi, friends! Wowza, where do I begin with how fast paced my life is right now??? I work M-F eight to six. I have internship stuff on the weekends. I am up at 5:35 and in bed by like 10:30. I'm trying to get rid of my farmer's tan that tries to creep onto my skin daily. On weekends I am either working wedding stuff, doing school work or squeezing in time with Zach and my family. It's just so crazy! Where does my blog fit into the equation you might ask..well it's been hard to manage. I would say I'm good at managing my time but fitting the blog in has been hard and I knew that would be the case but its been a bit discouraging. It feels like I'm failing even though I'm not. I'm trying to be patient and remind myself my life is the craziest its ever been and this is just a season. It will be over and I will get back into the swing of things.

Why am I sharing this with all of you?? Well you are my loyal followers and you deserve to know when I'll be posting. My goal was three days a week but it's not working as well as I thought. I'm going to shoot for 1-2, same possible days.. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday but just bare with me as I work through the craziness of life right now. Your encouragement, love and support has meant so much! 

Thanks for loving me through this!! 

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