Thursday, June 15, 2017

Paislee the Pup

Well y'all here is my adorable pup. I hope she puts a smile on your face this morning. She is such a fun, playful addition to my life and I am excited for her to grow up and be the best little pal!
Real life story to start the post off, I got home, sweaty and nasty after a 10 hour day on Tuesday planning to do this shoot with her. I was not feeling photogenic at all and really did not want to take them but knew that I would be grateful after. Poor Paislee had some worms and yeast in her ears when I got her so I had to take care of those things. Taking care of her ears required some baby oil so her poor face was all oily (aka not cute for pics). So I quickly gave her a bath and did my best to dry her but she absolutely hates the cold hair dryer so I had to leave her a little wet so that's why she doesn't look as fluffy as she normally does. 
Anyway, not a super exciting story but I like to share glimpses of my life and how it's NOT perfect. I know it's easy to think that when you see me all polished on the internet but the reality is, I'm absolutely exhausted from my internship and blogging has been so hard to keep up with. I'm hard on myself and am disappointed it's been difficult but it's simply a season. So remember that friend regardless of where you are or what you are doing. (Little life lesson from Abi 😘 )

Now back to my pup. A little overview on this cutie! 
She loves playing with Oliver (our family dog). She chases him around and is so fast when she runs. She is sleeping in a kennel well but is not quite sleeping through the night yet, she's only nine weeks so that's to be expected. She's had only two very small accidents in the house so yay for that. Her worms and ears are just about treated. Over the counter medicine from Walmart along with carrots and cucumbers kicked the worms in the butt and oil drops in the ears is curing that small infection.  Zach was not so sure about Paislee before we got her but has snuggled her and is so playful with her. He's definitely a dog softy even if he doesn't like to admit it. 😉  She's adjusting to life well and cute as can be! I created an Instagram for her so give it a follow if you want to see the puppy adventures! 

Below is the collar that I got for her off Etsy:  

Thanks for reading y'all! Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Oh my gosh she is the absolute cutest! & I love her name :)

    xo, EK

  2. Thank you so much girl!! I love her name too ;)

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