Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Relationship Series Part 1 Ft. Zach

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! The puppy countdown continues.. 3 more days!!! 😍  I asked a few weeks ago if you all had any questions you would want to ask Zach and I in a blog post. Some of you responded and I was so excited. I love being able to hear your thoughts and questions and answering them for you! 
Below are the questions with his response and mine! I am definitely the longer winded one of the two of us, (but for those that know me personally already know that) so readers just know that about me and Zach. 😉

I would love to keep this series going so please post any questions you have in the comments or on IG or shoot me a DM!

1. How did you/ do you handle long distance? What’s been the hardest part and how have you dealt with that emotionally?

Zach: Handle long distance one day at a time, other wise you will overwhelm yourself, set small goals to look forward too.The hardest part is not being able to get that physical connection with one another, I dealt with that by making time to talk  to Abi every night that I could.

Abi: The hardest part for me is not being able to connect physically with Zach. By that I don't mean kissing but just being in his presence, looking into his eyes, holding his hand and being goofy. When you go weeks on end (or months at one point) without seeing each other and being together it can feel like you are just friends that talk all the time. Telling myself it's okay to acknowledge those feelings of how hard it is and that I am/was struggling is how I dealt/deal with it. Once I accepted those feelings, I was able to remind myself of truth and move forward in a positive direction. 

2. What is the best way to resolve an argument?

Zach: The best way to resolve an argument for Abi and I is to give each other the necessary space, and talk through it once both parties are not irritated.

Abi: Piggy backing on what Zach said, give each other space. In the heat of the moment  I get worked up pretty quickly and so does he. When we talk later after both of us have calmed down, we hear each other well and really are compassionate rather than angry and spiteful when we are both heated. So bottom line, walk away, take a deep breath (or a few hours, that's my personal choice 😉) and come back to talk about where you went wrong and what hurt each party. 

3. What are your tips for communicating? 

Zach: My tips for communicating would be to set aside a set time everyday that works for both parties and stick with it.

Abi: Pick a time everyday that you can connect and pursue that. It feels like it's a date everyday, even if it's just virtual. Find a book that you can talk about, play a game app to app, or send letters. Do tangible things that make you feel like you aren't far at all. 

4. Do we have any special traditions as a couple? 

Zach: No, we don't have any. But we love quality time, watching a good film together, carving out time to have dinner one on one regardless of where we are and who we are with.

Abi: Piggy backing again on Zach's response, we don't have any special traditions right now other than our kiss on midnight when the ball drops and we celebrate another year of being together, but that's pretty typical. 😉  We love movies, trying different restaurants and exploring! Those are the top three things we love doing together. 

And with that, that's a wrap! I'd love to have more for us to answer next time so post your curious questions in the comments!!  

I hope y'all enjoyed this and getting to know us a little better! Soon I'll be doing a video with Zach for my Youtube channel, so stay tuned. 😉

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