Monday, July 17, 2017

The Proposal

Well y'all! I figured it was about time to share this story along with pictures. Life has been a whirlwind! So much going on. By the time the summer is over I'll have completed 15 hours of course work, part of that is a full time job. It's been good but a lot so the blog has had to hit the back burner while I try to graduate and finish. Only a few more weeks till I'm back to school so a chiller schedule is in site. 😊  I graduate in December, which I cannot believe so I am going to soak up every moment of this last semester! 

I cant believe Zach and I have been engaged two weeks! Looking at these pictures it feels like forever ago! I've started some of the planning process which I'll be sharing soon full of my color scheme and what I've done so far. But before that, I wanted to share the story of how this beautiful event took place and what an amazing job my guy did! 

The plan was to take blog photos after my girlfriends and boss convinced me to take a mental health day and take the day off. I had this small inclining that the engagement could be happening any day but Zach had to go to Florida for a TDY last minute so I just let the thought of us getting engaged go. The girls told me the idea was actually stupid and it wasn't happening any time soon. I was truthfully very disappointed  and just dying to know everything. #TypeA #SorryI'mNosy

To my complete shock, after lots of traffic, a GPS malfunction and a change of plans I showed up to take pictures at this beautiful arch way called Robert E. Lee Park in Dallas and out steps Zach. I was completely stunned and started walking and half crying in disbelief. It felt like the longest walk of my life! My mom and his mom were hiding in the bushes capturing the entire thing! 

There he was, waiting for me like he always has. Through the ups and downs he has loved me through it all. I cannot even begin to describe the adrenaline that was rushing through my body. After Zach stood up and hugged me I was shaking so much he says "Are you okay? I said I'm fine I just need to sit down." 😂  I was so overcome with emotion! 

 Our moms and him had set up a sweet table for us to enjoy after the whole event. We were able to sit after everyone left to process the moment and just soak it all in. Afterwards we drove back to my Aunt and Uncle's and all of our friends and family were there waiting for us. It was the sweetest most wonderful night of my life, everything I had hoped for and more. 

I am overwhelmed with the love everyone has shown us and cannot believe that we are getting married. It's been almost six years since we started dating. It's crazy to think I met my husband at fifteen! 

Wise of wedding details, we know for sure we are getting married in Maryland. We grew up there and spent the non long distance years of our relationship there. Maryland will always hold a special place in our heart. We are waiting for word on Zach's deployment. Everything has been so back and forth. I am taking it one day at a time and trusting that the Lord's timing is perfect. 

Again, your love and support has meant the absolute world! I am excited to share the process with you all. 😍

Have a wonderful Monday friend and thanks so much for reading!!  


  1. Congratulations, Abi! I am so excited for you and Zach :) Wishing you two the very best! Will you be blogging about wedding planning?

    xoxo, EK

    1. Hi Elaheh! Thank you so so much!! Yes I plan to blog about it!!!


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