Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wedding Series Part 1

Many of you that know me personally know its been a crazy two weeks filled with tons of emotions and lots of opposition. But I am here to share that we have a DATE, a VENUE, a DRESS, and lots more!!! I've been meaning to write a blog post for about a week but my life has been a little short of hectic. I am feeling fantastic though about the coming months and know that this union that Zach and I will declare in front of all of our friends and family will make it so worth it! This post will probably be very long and filled with lots of different things. So if you're curious, keep reading! 

So lets start with the most recent thing, for those that follow me on Instagram, know that I had my Bachelorette this past weekend and it was nothing short of wonderful! Just what I needed at the perfect time. It was planned LONG before this date change and God knew because it came at literally the perfect time! I'll be sharing a post on that later, so stay tuned. 

First, let me dive into where the madness of the date change came from. Zach and I had decided awhile back that getting married before he left made the most sense. It was definitely not what I had wanted originally but I knew it was financially the most wise thing to do. When going into a deployment you are able to save a lot more when you are married because you are paid significantly more. November 10th was the original Justice of the Peace date, the little ceremony was going to be in our backyard with our Pastor and dear friend from Maryland. The tickets were booked, I had ordered a small cake, some minor flowers, and a very simple dress. Zach and I both felt like this is where the Lord was leading us and so regardless of what I wanted I knew I needed to trust the Lord and take that leap of faith even if it wasn't my perfect picture. Originally, we were not going to tell anyone about this official marriage in November because I didn't want it to take away from our big wedding but as time went on, I felt like it wouldn't register in my head that we were married unless a few friends were there to celebrate with us as well and make the day actually feeling like an unofficial wedding.  Zach the whole time told me whatever I wanted he would do. Being married was important, he didn't care how it was done. 😉  So fast forward to Labor Day weekend and I mentioned to my mom that Zach and I were probably going to share that we were actually married after November because we didn't want people to think we were hiding things and be hush hush about being husband and wife. After all it's such a special thing and to be quiet about it would be rather odd, or at least it felt like it.  In that moment, my mom called and told me she would support us regardless of what we chose but she thought in the long run we would regret the choice not to just have a big wedding rather than doing two not as special weddings. She told me she thought we should either do December or do September of next year after Zach got back. Full of tears, emotion and so confused on what God was doing, Zach and I talked and he shared getting married before he left was most important to him. I knew in that moment I had to honor him and go with the wedding before even though it would be cold and not exactly what I pictured for our big day. To cut the story even shorter, within 24 hours the decision was made, the venue went from Maryland to Texas and within three days of the date decision we booked a venue and then found a dress!! Our official date is December 31, 2017. A day before our actual official anniversary, so special! 

That week was probably one of the craziest of my life but I survived and God was good through it all. Yes, I've melted down many a times, some stress, some thinking about Zach leaving but you know what? It keeps me humble. I cry about it, wipe my tears, take a bath, get some sleep and tackle the next thing. God has held my hand throughout this whole process and I'm so grateful! 

Now that you have some back story, let me break down where I am in the planning process! 

Venue: DONE! The Rosemary Barn is the venue and it's absolutely beautiful! The ceremony will be outside and the reception inside. 

Dress: DONE! I'm not showing anyone so you'll have to wait and see. It's completely opposite of what I thought and I truthfully feel like Kate Middelton in it. 😍

Colors: DONE! Dusty Blue, Burgundy, Navy, and Gray
The bridesmaids will be in a dusty blue dress and the house party will be in gray! The guys will be in gray tuxes!

Flowers: Working on it. I'm doing them myself and purchasing them from a wholesaler. I'm actually going tonight to chat with my blogger photographer who has an eye for floral! 
This is such an amazing route and is saving us so much! 

Photography & Videography: DONE! 

Cake: DONE! We are using a local company in the area that did my friend Delaney's cake. My parents said it was the best wedding cake they had ever tasted! They are making me a gluten free tier so I'm super pumped so eat cake the night of our wedding! 

For all you Brides out there, I am giving you a break down of how we did our budget and the typical way to go. Do not feel discouraged by the price. We are getting deals on things and doing a wedding for inexpensive is very possible, you just have to dig! 

45% Venue and catering
12% Photography and videography
9% Wedding attire and beauty
6% Music
5% Flowers
3% Transportation
3% Stationary
  2% Cake
2% Décor
2% Miscellaneous

My goal is to update the blog once a week with wedding stuff! Now back to my checklist and wedding planning! Have a wonderful day friend!  

Thanks so much for reading!!

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