Friday, September 29, 2017

Wedding Series Part 2: Save the Dates

Okay girlfriend, grab yourself a cup of coffee or drink of your choice and get ready to have your mind blown because I'm going to help you save a ton of money! 

You all know I'm a girl on a budget and I don't believe you have to sacrifice your style or taste to do that! Save the Dates can be SO expensive along with invitations. Minted (a popular stationary site) has save the date postcards for as low as $1.18. That doesn't seem expensive initially but if you're inviting 250 to your wedding that's about $300 without tax, shipping, postage, labels, etc.. before you know it, you've dropped $400 precious dollars from your budget on just something that says Save the Date. Now, some would say that Save the Dates aren't necessary. I know plenty of people don't use them BUT with our time crunch and wanting to get the word out to people they were important in our case. My mom and I started trying to figure out the best way to cut cost and here is what we found. 

Step 1: Head to Etsy and search "Save the Date editable file" 
Immediately you'll have TONS of options. Our particular file is for photoshop which is also easy to use. If you don't have the software, ask a friend or photographer if they do so they can quickly edit the file. If you want to copy us, which doesn't bother me one single bit, here is the link: 

Step 2: Choose your pic and edit the file. Every single file you purchase will come with instructions and they are extremely easy to use. If you have any questions, just message your Etsy seller. Every person I have worked with has been so accommodating. 

Step 3: Save your file and head to Vista Print. This is the postcard section where we made ours. You'll upload your file based on the size, if you used our file it's a 5x7. Then you'll select the number you want to order. We did 250 and had extras but it cost us $55 making each card $0.22!!! How much of a steal is that?! 

Step 4: Once they arrive go purchase labels from your local Office Depot and create them in Word. We used Times New Roman for the return address labels and a scripty font for the address labels. The most expensive part was postage which was $88. Now, if you get a true postcard size image, your postage will be less. Just consider all those things when picking which save the date you want. 

With Save the Dates $55 from Vista, $10 for the file from Etsy, Express shipping (because of our time crunch) $22, Labels $12,  and Postage $88, we spent a total of $187 on Save the Dates!! So you could essentially only spend $167 if you don't need express shipping! 

I hope this post was fun and exciting for you to read! I've linked up some adorable save the date files for you to browse! Post any questions for future posts below!

 Happy Shopping! 😉  Thanks so much for reading friend! 

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